Ballroom Dancing Helps Patients Fight Breast Cancer

Studies conclude ballroom dancing can help breast cancer patients and survivors by encouraging them to exercise and improving their emotional health.   October marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an annual international health campaign designed to increase awareness of the disease. Hosted by the National Breast Cancer Foundation Inc., the campaign encourages people to do their… Read More

Swing of Things: Dance Extra COVID-19 Pounds Away

Fred Astaire Dance Studios recommends getting in the swing of things this fall by taking control of your health and physical fitness. Kick up your heels on the dance floor and lose those extra pounds you gained during COVID-19 quarantine.   As the leaves change color and cooler temperatures become the norm, the fall season… Read More

Roaring 20s Revival: Learn to Foxtrot

As the kids start school and summer ends, brush up on your dance skills and spend quality time with your significant other by helping Fred Astaire Dance Studios revive a dance that took center stage in the 1920s. Donning a flapper-style dress is up to you.   The foxtrot was introduced to the ballroom dance… Read More

Do-Si-Do Your Way to Good Health

If the last time you practiced square dancing was in third grade gym class, celebrate National Square Dance Month in September, and get in shape by swinging your partner and learning to do-si-do.   September marks National Square Dance Month. Square dancing hails from 17th century Europe, and the colonization of America brought square dancing… Read More

Swing of Things: Hit the Dance Floor ‘Just Because’

It’s time for you to change the trajectory of 2020. Throw caution to the wind and get in the swing of things by tackling a new hobby designed to improve your physical fitness and boost your mental health.   As Americans cope with teleworking, remote schooling and social distancing guidelines, everyday decisions weigh heavily. Simply… Read More