Popular U.S. Dance Pairs Hold Center Stage

Dancing is a way for people from all walks of life to communicate and spark joy. Popular U.S. Dance Pairs can hold center stage by captivating and enthralling an audience with their skill and elegance.   Dancers have captured the attention of their audiences since the beginning of time. History reports indicate the first archeological… Read More

Swing of Things: School’s Out For Summer — Now What?

School’s out for summer, and keeping the kids occupied during this unprecedented time poses a challenge to parents nationwide. Fred Astaire Dance Studios is here to help get your kids off the couch and into the swing of things by teaching them to dance from the comfort and safety of your living room.   While… Read More

Does Ballroom Dancing Help with Grief?

Fred Astaire Dance Studios believes ballroom dancing can help bring joy back to widows by easing grief and offering a fun activity to add to your new routine.   Even with support from family and financial stability, the loss of a spouse is devastating. Families gather to celebrate the life of their lost loved one… Read More

Add a Dance With Beach Roots to Your Repertoire

Looking for a dance with beach roots? Take a break from riding the waves, perfecting your tan, or searching for seashells during your annual beach vacation to learn a dance that has its roots by the shore.   Beach music gained popularity in the 1940s along the shores of South Carolina, according to Sciway, an… Read More

Five Tips to Get Your Man on the Dance Floor

If your partner prefers sitting on the sidelines while others dance at social occasions, Fred Astaire Dance Studios has the tips you need to get your man on the dance floor with a smile.   Many women feel the men in their lives are reluctant to kick up their heels. One-third of men never dance… Read More