Does Ballroom Dancing Help with Grief?

does ballroom dancing help with grief

Fred Astaire Dance Studios believes ballroom dancing can help bring joy back to widows by easing grief and offering a fun activity to add to your new routine.


Even with support from family and financial stability, the loss of a spouse is devastating. Families gather to celebrate the life of their lost loved one and support the new widow, but after everyone heads back to their own homes and schedules, widows are left grappling with an empty house and new daily routines to navigate. Widows report significantly more physical symptoms and psychological stress than a comparable group of women with newly diagnosed breast cancer, according to a report published in the Canadian Psychiatric Association Journal. Research indicates widows also have an increased chance of dying during the first three months after their spouse’s death, the Harvard School of Public Health reports. Doctors speculate the “widowhood effect” is caused by a disruption of routine, depression, and lack of attention to health due to grief.


Fred Astaire Dance Studios is celebrating International Widows Day by encouraging widows to sign up for a ballroom dancing class to stay active and social during this difficult transition. International Widows Day, which is celebrated annually on June 23, was started by the United Nations General Assembly to give special recognition to the situation of widows of all ages and across regions and cultures.


Learning to salsa, tango, and waltz combines physical activity, social interaction, and mental stimulation. Ballroom dancing is a low-impact, aerobic activity that burns fat and boosts metabolism. It can increase flexibility, decrease joint pain and muscle soreness, and improve core strength and balance. Studies reveal ballroom dancing can help enhance memory and concentration, as well as prevent the onset of dementia. The certified instructors at Fred Astaire Dance Studios are trained to work with students of all ages, physical abilities, and skill levels. At Fred Astaire Dance Studios, you do not need a partner to learn how to dance. Each studio offers a wide variety of group and private lessons.


If you think you are past your prime dancing years, take a look at some of these performers cutting a rug on the dance floor.


Jean Veloz performs the swing with Marcus Koch at the Herräng Dance Camp in Sweden. Veloz is a world-famous swing dancer.


Michael Garland and Carol Constant were once the Texas State Dance Champions and are still impressing crowds at dance clubs in the Dallas area.


Charlie Womble and Jackie McGee compete in dance championships around the country. The couple is famous for their skillful swing dancing. In this clip, they perform at LindyFest in Houston, Texas, in 2019.


Check out all the smiles as these seniors ranging in age from 65 to 92 years, participate in a choreographed dance routine to Justin Timberlake’s, “Can’t Stop the Feeling.” The class is led by 80-year-old instructor, Loretta Kaminsky.


Don’t let grief prevent you from trying a new activity that can bring joy to your weekly routine. Grab some of your favorite gal pals and make a reservation for a group lesson at your local Fred Astaire Dance Studios today.