Top Viral Dances of the Past Decade

Get in the mood to attend your first dance lesson at Fred Astaire Dance Studios by checking out some of the top viral dances over the last decade as the time people spend sharing on social media continues to climb.   In today’s society, our mobile phones are never far from our reach. The time… Read More

Dance Your Way to Good Health

New evidence suggests Americans will live longer if they make it a priority to be active for at least 11 minutes each day. Fred Astaire Dance Studios wants you to know — 11 minutes is the same amount of time it takes to dance to two songs. Good health is only 2 songs away!  … Read More

Dancing Helps Kids Reduce Anxiety as Summer Ends

Dance lessons at Fred Astaire Dance Studios can help reduce anxiety and back-to-school jitters.   A return to routine at the end of the summer can be a shock to your child’s system. Children are used to lazy mornings, days spent playing outside with friends, and trips to the local pool. Traditional sleep schedules are… Read More

Celebrate Self-Care Awareness Month by Dancing

Fred Astaire Dance Studios is reminding you to celebrate Self-Care Awareness Month in September by taking a break from your normal routine each week to have fun, get fit, and start a new hobby on the dance floor.   The National Institute of Mental Health defines self-care as the practice of “taking the time to… Read More

Post-Dance Lesson Tips to Stay Healthy

Fred Astaire Dance Studios encourages its students to develop a post-dance routine to stay healthy as part of their ballroom dancing journey.   Smart dancers follow a post-dance routine to stave off injury and recover. A dance lesson activates adrenaline and gets your blood pumping. After a fun dance lesson, you may be in the… Read More