Top 5 Summer Beach Reads About Dancing

Are you headed to the beach in August to soak up the rays and enjoy the cool ocean breezes? Fred Astaire Dance Studios compiled a list of the top five beach reads about dancing to keep you entertained.   If you’re one of the many Americans packing a bag and heading to the beach this… Read More

Dance Studios at Home

Taking dance lessons will put you on your way to making memories on the dance floor. Learn why it’s important to practice dancing outside of the studio and some tips to create a dance studio at home.   Students at Fred Astaire Dance Studios can take group or private dance lessons at our local studios.… Read More

Top 5 Surprising Hollywood Dance Stars

Hollywood is filled with actors who shine on the silver screen. In addition to capturing viewers with their acting prowess, there are a number of Hollywood dance stars with unbelievable skills. Here are the top five surprising Hollywood stars who dance. Paul Rudd. Known throughout Hollywood for his portrayals of “nice guys,” it may surprise… Read More

Three Habits of People Who Are Young at Heart

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Five Reasons to Dance

Fred Astaire Dance Studios knows ballroom dancing can be a game-changer for your health and wellness. Here are five reasons to dance and how it can have a positive impact on your future.   Improve Physical Health Every ballroom dancing lesson is a low-impact workout that’s good for people at all stages of their fitness… Read More