Proper Footwear Improves Ballroom Dance Finesse

proper footwear

Students at Fred Astaire Dance Studios are dancing their way to good health by achieving fulfillment and fun on the dance floor. Taking care of your feet by picking proper dance shoes is an important step to take when learning how to salsa, cha-cha and swing.


Pay Attention to Your Feet

Taking care of your feet can help improve your quality of life and allow you to maintain the appropriate level of physical activity, according to The Institute for Preventive Foot Health, a nonprofit dedicated to foot health and disease prevention. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommends Americans participate in at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity, as well as resistance training, about two days per week. Fred Astaire Dance Studios knows dancing is a great way to hit these targets. Ballroom dancing is a low-impact aerobic activity that burns fat and can boost your metabolism. In just thirty minutes of dance, you can burn between 200-400 calories. Dancing helps increase flexibility and build muscle strength and endurance. Keeping your feet healthy is key to achieving your fitness goals.


Taking just a few steps each day is all you need to do to make sure to keep your feet in good shape.

  1. Trim toenails straight across.
  2. Wash feet every day.
  3. Change socks daily to prevent athlete’s foot.
  4. Wear proper shoes for each activity.


Pick the Right Shoes

Fred Astaire Dance Studios recommends ballroom dancing beginners wear sturdy, comfortable sneakers on the dance floor to prevent calluses and provide extra support. More experienced dancers can wear dance heels, which have flexible heels and a special suede covering on the bottom of the shoe to provide friction and prevent slipping. Ballroom shoes are another option with added heel support.


Extend the Life of Your New Footwear

Dance shoes are an investment. Making sure to properly maintain and care for your new footwear is key to keeping your feet healthy and your heels tapping.

  • Only wear ballroom shoes and heels on a clean, indoor, dance floor.
  • Brush the suede bottoms of dance shoes with a brush with metal bristles on a regular basis to eliminate wax and dirt build-up.
  • Use a leather oil on shoes to prevent cracking.
  • Replace dance shoes regularly when they start to show too much wear and tear to protect feet from injury.


For a less traditional footwear option, the Light Balance Kids found a strategy for success. Here they are performing the “Iron Man Dance” on “America’s Got Talent,” a popular television variety show.

Lace Up Your Shoes and Stay Active

If you are ready to buckle on some fancy footwear and take a spin around the dance floor, contact your local Fred Astaire Dance Studios to find a class near you.