Exercise Tips: Dance Your Way Into Summer

Let’s face it.  The elliptical can get boring, running can wear on your joints, and making time to navigate all those people at the gym is just plain difficult. But with summer right around the corner (and those last few holiday pounds reluctant to shed), it may be time to ditch your normal workout routine and explore a new and fun way to get in shape!

Health care professionals are starting to take notice of what ballroom enthusiasts have claimed for years: dancing is great for your health! And it’s starting to catch on across the board.

Whether you favor the fast paced foxtrot, or the flow of the waltz, the cardiovascular, weight loss and overall muscle toning benefits of dancing score “perfect 10’s” across the board.

From a strictly athletic point of view, dancing also can be an incredible workout. It merges aerobic (like cardio) and anaerobic (like strength training) exercise, while increasing your overall stamina! You also will build leg and core strength, all while steadily burning calories and fat throughout the course of your dance lessons.

If you want to take your ballroom dance workout to the next level, there is one dance that stands out when it comes to dance health benefits.

Experts say that salsa dancing can burn up to 10 calories a minute, without the negative side effects of high impact exercises like running. That means, in an average 30 minute class, you can burn upwards of 300 calories, or 600 in an hour!


Most people would be hard pressed to find another workout that can keep you engaged and sweating for an hour, let alone one that is fun! That’s why dance classes are a creative way to have a good time while staying in shape. Can’t make it to class every day? Don’t worry! On days that you don’t have class, you can practice your routines at home, even without your partner, to keep burning calories every day of the week.

Sounds like fun, right? How do you keep your exercise fresh and interesting? If you want to dance your way into summer (and a beach body) give us a call!