Eat, Sleep, Loot, Dance: The Best of Fortnite Dances

Could parents finally have found the upside to video games? Well, sort of!   “Fortnite” is one the of the most massively popular video games ever created! It’s pretty simple: a bunch of players gather together and battle it out until only one remains. Each player is represented inside the game by an avatar, and… Read More

No Partner, No Problem: 5 Reasons it can make you a better dancer

Are you one of the thousands of people who dream of taking ballroom dance lessons, but you don’t have a partner? Don’t let that stop you! At Fred Astaire Dance Studio you don’t need a REGULAR partner. In fact, you might do better without having one. So don’t let an ambivalent or dis-interested partner stop… Read More

Dance Like It’s Your Birthday, America!

As we celebrate this Fourth of July we celebrate dance, and all the forms that it takes in this truly unique melting pot that we call the United States of America. With people from all corners of the world coming together to form our beautiful country, it is no surprise that our dance forms are… Read More

The Swing of Things: Splash Dance Edition

Summer is here and for a lot of people that means FUN in the SUN… and usually water. From pools, to lake, to beaches… even a sprinkler in the backyard, most of us have some happy memories of taking a moment to cool off to a refreshing splash of water.   Your local Fred Astaire… Read More