Why Dancing is the Perfect First Date

Going on a first date can sometimes feel like a job interview. You go to dinner, sit across from one another, and struggle to come up with interesting answers for the standard get-to-know-you small talk. The romance may be there, or it could fizzle out somewhere between discussions of your career day-to-day and talking about his/her hometown.


Our suggestion? Turn it up a notch!

Why waste another evening waiting for the check when you and your date could be boogying on the dance floor? Dance lessons are a great way to discover the chemistry between you and your date. It may sound a little intimidating, but bear with us and keep reading.

Here are a few reasons why learning to dance makes a great date idea:


    1. Discover your connection:Learning something new and working together on a date opens up channels of communication and helps foster a different kind of understanding of one another. Learning to dance does just that. You become one another’s partner, instead of just two people on a date.


    1. Physical activity relieves stress:First dates can be nerve-wrecking! Getting active doing something like dancing releases endorphins which elevates mood and releases positive feelings. Combine that with some fun music and you’ve got an experience that will curb any first date jitters while allowing people to be themselves.


    1. Dance can ignite romance:Dance is an exciting way to get to know each other. It fosters respect for both partners and forces you to let your guard down by just having fun. Being in close proximity to your date, making eye-contact, and learning the way each other’s bodies move sparks a romantic tension unlike anything else.


    1. Anyone can do it!People of all ages, shapes, sizes, and experience level can dance! Dance studios host private and group lessons for every level of expertise from beginner to expert. Dance is the universal ice breaker!


What is your favorite first date activity? What questions do you have about taking a dance lesson on a date?