The Hottest Summer Dance Trends of 2016

Summer is finally here! People are coming out of their winter hibernation, and several new dance trends are sprouting up around the country! If you’ve missed these so far, be sure to try them out at your next opportunity! “The Running Man Challenge” The “Running Man” was popularized by two players on the University of… Read More

For Cinco de Mayo – Five Traditional Mexican Dances

Mexico has a vibrant culture, and its holidays and celebrations have been adopted and blended by nations all over the world. Mexico’s mix of indigenous, African and European influences have created dance traditions that are as complex and mystifying as they are beautiful. Just in time for Cinco de Mayo, here are some of the… Read More

What Happens the First Time I Visit Fred Astaire Dance Studio

At social dance events, you’ll always see that couple who appears to have been dancing together forever. They’re doing lifts, turns and complicated steps, and they tear up the dance floor on every song. If you’ve never danced before, your first thought might be, “I could never do that.” But we spoke with Vanessa Cheeks,… Read More