Not Just for Kids: Celebrate Halloween with a Graveyard Smash

While most people think of trick-or-treating and young children in costume, Fred Astaire Dance Studios believes kids aren’t the only ones who can get in the spooky spirit when its time to celebrate Halloween.   If your children are grown and flown, or if they are spending the evening with their friends, make a special… Read More

Decorative Masks Not Only A Halloween Tradition

As Halloween approaches, Fred Astaire Dance Studios is taking a closer look at the long history of wearing decorative masks while dancing and to celebrate special occasions.   Halloween is a time when many Americans, especially children, put together elaborate costumes and formulate trick-or-treat plans to maximize their candy consumption. People string up orange lights,… Read More

Para Dance Sport Captivates in Prague

While many Americans were cheering our Olympic athletes on in Tokyo, Fred Astaire Dance Studios was tracking the results of the World Para Dance Sport International Competition in Prague.   Para Dance Sport incorporates the skill, grace, and physicality of competitive dance, but at least one of the dancers has an impairment that affects the… Read More

Spice Up Travel Plans with Dance

Fred Astaire Dance Studios recommends taking your ballroom dance skills on the road by making travel plans that allow you to showcase your talent.   Uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 led 48 percent of Americans to cancel travel plans last summer, according to a survey of 1,200 people conducted by Value Penguin, a division of Lending Tree.… Read More