The Swing of Things: Long May You Run

  Lots has happened in the world of dance this month! The biggest news? We have a brand new viral dance trend moving across the nation…have you tried the “Running Man Challenge” yet? Ellen meets the teens behind the “Running Man Challenge”. The teens behind the latest viral dance craze, “The Running Man Challenge”, were… Read More

The Winners: 2016 Fred and Adele Astaire Awards

You loved her on Ally McBeal. You adored her on 30 Rock. Now, Jane Krakowski is delighting fans through live performance and the winner of the best female dancer courtesy of the 2016 Fred and Adele Astaire Awards!   Join us in congratulating all of last night’s winners: BEST FEMALE DANCER Jane Krakowski, She Loves Me  … Read More

Don’t miss the Fred and Adele Astaire Awards in May!

Fred Astaire Franchised Dance Studios is once again a proud sponsor of The Fred and Adele Astaire Awards. This year’s award ceremony is taking place tonight, May 16, 2016, and we couldn’t be more excited to learn this season’s recipients of these prestigious dance awards. The Fred and Adele Astaire awards were established in 1982… Read More

The Swing of Things: “Dancing With the Stars” is back!

“Dancing With the Stars” will be back on the air this month, but other great dance moments are happening, too! From a contest just for Beliebers to an adorable father-daughter wedding dance, let’s see what the dance world has been up to! The “Dancing With the Stars” Celeb Lineup Is Confirmed! Jodie Sweetin, Mischa Barton… Read More