Beat Summer Boredom at the Dance Studio

Kids doing ballet in a dance studio

Summer can be a challenging time for parents who want to make memories, keep their kids from getting bored, or spending time on their electronic devices. Why not keep them busy at your local Fred Astaire Dance Studio?


Summertime is both a blessing and a curse for parents. Harried parents no longer have to rush to get out the door each day to make the bus or drive the kids to school. There are no more lunches to pack or last-minute homework assignments to help finish. The lack of routine is refreshing, but it also can lead to boredom. And every parent knows, when kids get bored, that’s when the mischief starts. Last summer, many camps and other traditional activities were canceled, due to the pandemic. Now that COVID-19 numbers are falling and vaccination counts rise, children and parents are anxious to resume cherished summertime activities and vacations. Despite more activities and trips to keep kids busy, boredom is inevitable. Fred Astaire Dance Studios has some summer activities and ideas to kick boredom to the curb and help your kids enjoy their break from school.


Get Outside. Explore your local parks and hiking trails. Being outside is a natural mood booster, and kids love spending time in the woods. Take the kids on an outdoor treasure hunt by trying geocaching, a fun adventure where you navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates to find a prize.


Go Backyard Camping. Turn your backyard into a campsite by setting up a tent and lighting the fire pit to roast smores. Your kids will love the novelty of sleeping outside, and you will appreciate the close proximity to a clean bathroom.


Get Crafty. Keep the kids busy with some art projects. Kids will enjoy getting out the construction paper, glue, and scissors to get creative. If you feel ambitious, make homemade bird feeders by spreading peanut butter on an empty toilet paper roll and dipping it in birdseed.


Read a Book. Head to the library and check out some reading material. Then settle on the sofa or on a blanket in the yard for a read-aloud. If you need to multitask, consider getting an audiobook to keep the kids entertained.


Head to the Dance Studio. One way to keep your kids active this summer is to sign them up for ballroom dance lessons. Fred Astaire Dance Studios offers in-person and online dance lessons for children. Your kids can learn to cha-cha, waltz, and swing this summer. Dancing helps children by increasing their self-confidence and improving their social skills. It can fuel weight loss and improve their physical fitness. It also promotes teamwork and good behavior.


Whether it’s a positive outlet for exercise and self-expression or competitive ballroom dance instruction for those aspiring to be DanceSport champions, the caring dance instructors at your local Fred Astaire Dance Studios can help craft the ideal program for your child.


If your child balks at the idea of dance lessons, show them these clips to get them excited about learning the time-honored tradition of ballroom dancing.


Check out these two little kids dressed to the nines, moving their feet, and showcasing their skills during a dance performance.


After the previous clip went viral, the little kids got to perform their routine on “The Ellen Show.”


Here are some young dancers performing the cha-cha at the World Dance Council’s European Championship in 2019.


Keep your kids entertained by making dance lessons part of their summertime routine. Contact your local Fred Astaire Dance Studio location to learn more about ballroom dancing for children.