Beat Winter Blues, Holiday Stress by Dancing


As the holidays approach and winter sets in, Fred Astaire Dance Studios encourages you to turn up the music and dance to help you de-stress, beat the winter blues, and enjoy the season!


Stress and depression ruin the holiday season for many Americans. The added responsibilities of cooking big meals, entertaining, shopping, and baking can be overwhelming. While the prospect of spending quality time with family is appealing, it can be challenging when faced with differing political views and the possibility of old resentments cropping up. Stretching paychecks to purchase the perfect gifts can also raise stress levels.


In addition to holiday stress, many Americans also suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, a mood disorder that mostly happens during the winter months. Shorter days and less sunlight reduce the amount of serotonin the brain produces and can lead to depression, as well as fatigue and weight gain. Nearly 11 million people suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, and 25 million people suffer simply from winter blues, according to WebMD.


Instructors at Fred Astaire Dance Studios can help you beat the winter blues and provide solace during the hectic holiday season. We offer private and group dance lessons designed to help people learn the time-honored tradition of ballroom dancing in a fun, stress-free environment. A dance lesson will give you an opportunity to recharge from time spent in the kitchen or a day at the shopping mall. Our dance lessons also provide a low-impact workout that will help you burn calories so you can enjoy Christmas cookies and holiday cocktails without any of the guilt associated with overindulging.


Five Best Songs to Beat Winter Blues

When you are practicing your dance moves at home this winter, Fred Astaire Dance Studios has some recommendations for the five best songs to bust a move to when you are in a funk. We recommend choosing a song with an upbeat rhythm to help bolster your energy level. A tune with catchy lyrics is also key. Here are our five top picks.

1. “Can’t Stop the Feeling” by Justin Timberlake. From the adorable children’s movie, “Trolls,” this is a high-energy tune that everyone in the family will appreciate.

2. “Here Comes the Sun” by The Beatles. We reached way back for this song from the Fab Four. Listening to this song when you have the winter doldrums will give you hope that brighter days are ahead.

3. “Footloose” by Kenny Loggins. Who could forget the iconic dance scene where Kevin Bacon works out the frustrations he faces adjusting to small-town life in this heartwarming movie from the 1980s.

4. “Happy” by Pharrell Williams. It’s hard to resist the joyful lyrics in this song. Even though this popular song is overplayed on the radio, it’s still a favorite for elevating your mood and has a great beat.

5. “Singin’ in the Rain” by Gene Kelly. Written by Arthur Freed and Nacio Herb Brown, this classic tune is sure to get your toes tapping. Kelly doesn’t let the weather dampen his mood on screen as he celebrates his new romance.


Find Joy at FADS

Elevate your mood this winter by taking a spin around the dance floor and learning a fun new hobby that will give you the energy you need to stave off the winter blues.  Click here to find your local Fred Astaire Dance Studios location to learn about our introductory offers and holiday specials.