Senior Moments: Dancing Improves Mental Health

Learning new moves on the dance floor boosts the mental health of seniors as they age by helping them stay active in a fun, social setting. In this edition of “Senior Moments,” Fred Astaire Dance Studios calls attention to the importance of mental well-being in the senior community. Getting older can be tough. In addition… Read More

Guide to Understanding Dance Etiquette 

To improve the quality of your experience on the dance floor, Fred Astaire Dance Studios put together a beginner’s guide to ballroom dance etiquette.     Ballroom dancing has its roots in the grand European courts of the 17th century. Courtiers followed strict etiquette guidelines to avoid scandal and improve marriage prospects. Young ladies were escorted… Read More

Dancing Helps Improve Productivity

If you’re finding it hard to muster the willpower to dial-in to a conference call or respond to an email, it may be time to add ballroom dance lessons to your weekly calendar. Research reveals ballroom dancing improves productivity at work.      American Workers are Coping with Burnout in Record Numbers   Nearly three… Read More

Discover Confidence by Ballroom Dancing 

Overcome insecurities and boost confidence by learning how to ballroom dance at Fred Astaire Dance Studios.    Is your glass half empty? Do you blame yourself when things go wrong or find yourself apologizing unnecessarily? Do you have a hard time rocking the boat? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s likely… Read More

Senior Moments: Dancing Boosts Cognitive Skill

Stay sharp as you age by tripping the light fantastic. Medical research confirms ballroom dancing can improve cognitive skills in the elderly.    Cognitive skills are the tools your brain uses to control memory, solve problems, learn, read, and pay attention. They also control your long-term memory. It’s natural for cognitive skills to slowly decline… Read More