Learning Dance Basics: The Waltz Backstory

When you hear “ballroom dance,” chances are you think of graceful couples gliding around the dance floor, right? But how much do you actually know about where these dances came from?   Well, we’ve got some dance backstories for you, and we bet you’ll be surprised!   Scandalous, risqué, improper and even wicked… You might… Read More

Who was Fred Astaire?

We named our dance studio after him, so he must be important, right? In case you were wondering, Fred Astairewas an American film star and Broadway dancer who had a career that spanned 76 years! Not only that, he was a choreographer, singer, actor and musician who made 31 films, numerous recordings and several award… Read More

Welcome to the Fred Astaire Dance Studios Blog

Welcome to the Fred Astaire Dance Studios blog! We’re so glad you dropped by to visit us. Our goal is to bring dancing to our community, taking inspiration from the dancing legacy of Fred Astaire and turning it into a fun experience as you learn to dance. From the tango to the waltz and everything in… Read More