The Swing of Things – Swing into Spring!

It looks like winter is now in our rear-view mirror. Let’s start looking forward to sandals and pastels, flowers and wedding season. The good news is that it’s always dance season. In this month’s The Swing of Things, can dancing improve your mental health? Dancing provides pathway to happiness A dance psychologist at the University… Read More

These Presidents Could Really Dance!

Occupying the executive office of the United States is a big job, but many of our former presidents have found time to dance, whether it be for an inaugural celebration, a cultural showcase or just for fun. In honor of the inauguration of our 45th president, we decided to see what video we could find… Read More

Winners – West Coast Dance Championships

Is your idea of a perfect weekend filled with sequins, shoe polish, bronzer and competitors’ numbers? Then we hope you were at the West Coast Dance Championships earlier this month! For two days, dancers from the West Coast region thrilled and entertained judges and their peers, and by the end of the weekend, everyone had… Read More