The Swing of Things – Swing into Spring!

It looks like winter is now in our rear-view mirror. Let’s start looking forward to sandals and pastels, flowers and wedding season. The good news is that it’s always dance season. In this month’s The Swing of Things, can dancing improve your mental health?

Dancing provides pathway to happiness

A dance psychologist at the University of Hertfordshire is conducting extensive research into the mental benefits of dancing. Professor Peter Lovatt says not only does dancing make people happier, he points to evidence that suggest when people with depression engage in certain types of dance, their symptoms can be reduced.

Student Creates Interactive Dancing Socks

A German student is hoping his invention will supplement your dance instructors’ lessons. The prototype socks are equipped with sensors and vibrators that track the wearer’s movement. Different signals from an app will instruct you where and how to move your feet to be in the proper position. The student says his invention will help you with a variety of dances including the foxtrot, mambo and Charleston.

Firefighters Put on a Spring Break Show

A group of dancing firefighters from Cincinnati made their annual spring break trek to Fort Myers Beach in Florida to raise money for charity. The group’s 10-day variety show has been a spring break staple since the 1990s. The money from their performances goes toward Araba Shriners of Fort Myers.

Beauty and the Beast Secrets

The choreographer behind the iconic ballroom scene in the live-action adaptation of “Beauty and the Beast” gave us some exciting behind-the-scene secrets. Anthony Van Laast helped Emma Watson and Dan Stevens perfect the waltz that will stun audiences in theaters. Check out how one-pound weights and the fear of broken toes played a role in the preparation.