The Swing of Things: Dancing in the Dog Days

The Swing of Things: Out with the Old in with the New

Summer is never hotter than in the Dog Days of August. With temperatures soaring into triple digits and no end in sight, August is a terrific time to get indoors in the air conditioning, pour yourself a nice cold drink, sit back in a comfy chair and enjoy some terrific dance videos!


Luckily for you, your friends at Fred Astaire Dance Studio have got you covered!


In this edition of the Swing of Things, we take a look at some of the hottest trending dance videos including one magnificent mom and her terribly embarrassed son, a World of Dance performance you can’t miss, Fortnite and Kiki challenge videos and, um, a few of our favorite doggie dances as well.




Teen Mortified as Dancing Mom Pops Up on San Diego Padres Jumbotron

What’s more fun than embarrassing your teenage son? Doing it on the Jumbotron at a Major League Baseball Game. Check out the priceless reaction of this young man as his mother gets her boogie on in front of, well…everyone! Say what you will, but this mom has got some moves!


“World of Dance” 2018 – Charity & Andres: The Duels

Are you digging this season of “World of Dance” as much as we are? This performance by Charity & Andres was absolutely sizzling and it got the judges on their feet! Check out their amazing dance routine!


Professional Dancers Try The Fortnite Dance Challenge

If you haven’t been swept up in the Fortnite craze yet, someone in your life surely has! Check out these professional dancers and their attempts to duplicate the dazzling dances seen on the popular video game.


Amazing Dogs Do (Drake) “In My Feelings” Challenge

It’s not just people doing the Kiki Challenge! Check out this dog’s two-legged dance to the hit Drake song. And is that a rhino as well? Wow!


Dog Dancing to the Beat

This dog is DEFINITELY feeling the rhythm in this quick but cute video. Check it out!

What are some of your favorite summertime dances to do? Let us know the next time you visit your Fred Astaire Dance Studio, so we can incorporate them into your summer routines!