How to Spice Up Your Relationship with Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom dancing is an incredible activity to spice up your relationship, regardless of skill or fitness level. Not only is dancing a tremendous social activity, but it’s beneficial for your heart, too – both physically and romantically! According to, a dancer can burn anywhere from 250 to 400 calories in an hour. That’s roughly the same amount of calories you would burn walking briskly for half an hour on a treadmill.  And the benefits don’t stop there – dancing with your partner can help strengthen the relationship and keep things spicy.

Spend Time Together and Get Fit

Taking a ballroom dance class with your partner will give you a shared activity and interest. That means you’ll be spending quality time with each other and working towards a common goal. You’ll be amazed how close you’ll grow as you learn new skills and dive into the world of dance as a couple. At each dance class, you’re spending time with your partner while getting in a good workout at the same time. It’s a win-win situation.

Learn a New Way to Connect and Communicate

One of the main obstacles many couples face is falling into a day-to-day rut. It’s easy to sink into a lifestyle filled with mundane activities and boring conversations, which is why you should be proactive about keeping your relationship interesting. Ballroom dancing is the perfect way to shake things up. Through dance, you’ll be working together towards a common goal and will likely find a new way to connect with your partner (both physically and emotionally) along the way.

While dancing, partners must communicate constantly to successfully perform a routine. Communication is sometimes verbal, but more often is expressed through a touch or body movement. By paying attention to your partner’s nonverbal cues, you’ll become more in-tune with your partner’s body both on and off the dance floor.

Build Trust and Grow Closer

Ballroom dancing simply doesn’t work without trust. You and your partner will have to work together as a team in order to succeed. That foundation of trust and mutual respect you’ve built on the dance floor will inevitably bleed over into your everyday life. Dancing can be an incredibly intimate experience, and you may find it stirs up romantic feelings as well.

There is nothing more romantic than ballroom dancing. You’ll get fit, learn about one another and grow closer together along the way. To get started today, visit to find a location near you.