The Swing of Things: Back-to-School Edition

daning helps hospital workers

It’s August, and for a lot of families that means only one thing: BACK TO SCHOOL! Now that can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your personal perspective, but for us here at Fred Astaire Dance Studios it means a lot of things. It means that we’re starting to see an end in sight for the worst of the summer heat. It means we’re catching our first glimmer of this fall’s “Dancing With the Stars.” It also means some cute back-to-school videos! It’s time to get into The Swing of Things!


Music and Movement Break the Ice

The first day of school can be full of frightened kids and anxious parents. Why not let a little music and dance set the mood? That’s what they decided to do at Westwood Elementary in Fairview, Tennessee. The music helped create a fun-filled atmosphere that helped enthuse the teachers and staff and ease the students and their parents into their first day on campus.


Michael Buble Gives All the Feels

Most back-to-school videos are cutsey videos of little ones getting on the bus for the first time or of parents celebrating getting their older kids back into the routine (and out of the house!) But recording artist Michael Buble’s video for his release “Forever Now” is giving parents across the country “all the feels.” It really does seem to go by fast doesn’t it?

Dance the Blues Away — Even the Toddler Kind

Like we need another reason to walk into a Trader Joe’s market, (“We didn’t eat all the Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels!”) and then this viral video makes the rounds. After a toddler had a meltdown at the company’s Winter Park, Florida, location, the staff stepped in to help a stressed-out mom “turn that frown upside down!” Of course, it involved song and dance!


DWTS Cast Announcement

From politico’s to pop stars, and everything in between, the celebrity cast of this fall’s “Dancing With the Stars” has been announced, and people are already picking favorites. NFL great Ray Lewis has his name already being bandied about, and we don’t even know who his pro-partner will be yet! Speaking of pro’s, there’s lots of talk about who’s NOT performing this season: Artem Chigvintsev and Sharna Burgess have both confirmed they will not be dancing on the 28th season of the popular show and both are keeping their reasons rather mysterious. Still, both dancers wished all good luck and good fortune.