Dance Your Way to a Healthy New Year

healthy new year

Want a healthy new year? Ditch the resolutions to join the gym or start a new diet. Launch the new year off by taking up a hobby that can help you stay fit and have fun.


Almost 50 percent of Americans are resolving to eat healthier and to exercise more this year, according to a survey of 1,000 adults conducted by Statista, a business data resource. Sadly, nearly half of those making New Year’s resolutions only made it a month in the previous year. Begin 2020 with a dance revolution by visiting your local Fred Astaire Dance Studios to learn the popular and time-honored art of ballroom dancing and improve your physical fitness. Learning to dance is a workout that will help you stay in shape. A 30-minute dance class can burn between 130 to 250 calories, nearly the same as jogging, according to WebMD.


Fred Astaire Dance Studios teaches students of all ages who want to learn how to dance the waltz, salsa, two-step or merengue. Each location offers a host of classes designed to get your feet moving and your toes tapping. Their progressive system of instruction, which includes regularly scheduled private lessons, group classes and practice parties, makes it easy to learn the various dances. Practicing periodically between lessons helps dancers master a repertoire of steps.


Many of the stars on “Dancing With the Stars,” a popular television show featuring celebrities who learn to dance with professionals, are starting from scratch. Check out how the professional dancers got these stars up to snuff and in shape for their televised performance.


Bill Nye, a well-known scientist, took his turn around the dance floor on season 17 of “Dancing With the Stars.” Professional dancer Tyne Stecklein taught Nye how to dance the cha-cha for his first performance.


Emma Slater taught James Van Der Beek, a television actor, how to dance the samba to “Light It Up [Remix]” by Major Lazer.


Republican politician Sean Spicer learned to tango with Jenna Johnson to “Bills, Bills, Bills” by Destiny’s Child.


Get fit at Fred Astaire Dance Studios

Make 2020 the year to take a spin around the dance floor. Contact your local Fred Astaire Dance Studios to find out how dancing can improve your strength, agility and overall cardiovascular health this year.