Swing of Things: Halloween Fun Not Just Child’s Play

The Swing of Things: Halloween Edition

If your Halloween festivities are limited to raiding your kids’ candy spoils, it’s time to get into the swing of the spooky season by finding out how the grownups celebrate at a local costume ball.


You may be too old to knock on doors carrying an empty pillowcase for trick-or-treating, but sporting a costume while learning some new dance moves is still an option. Many historians associate Halloween costumes with a Celtic festival called Samhain, when people disguised themselves in costumes to avoid wandering spirits lurking in the night. Costume balls combining intricate dances and elaborate costumes have early Italian roots. As far back as the 15th century, Italian royalty hosted masquerade balls where attendees disguised their identity with decorative masks.


During this fall holiday, local Fred Astaire Dance Studios locations are thrilling customers by offering people the opportunity to treat themselves to the rewarding sport of ballroom dancing, with regular lessons and fun events, including costume balls.


Ballroom dancing is a great workout, and tapping into this new hobby can help stave off the side effects of late-night candy binging. In 30 minutes of ballroom dancing, you can burn approximately 300 – 400 calories — roughly the same as the calories in a small handful of mini candy bars! Ballroom dancing can help increase flexibility and muscle strength. Learning the Cha-Cha, Swing and Waltz are unique and social ways to stay physically fit.


Wearing a costume is a unique way to free-up inhibitions and leave your worries at the door. The instructors at every Fred Astaire Dance Studios location are highly trained and take extra steps to make sure you are comfortable and confident on the dance floor. Every instructor must complete the Fred Astaire Curriculum, a proprietary method that teaches partner dancing combined with the way people naturally learn.


Check out how dancers use costumes to add depth and thrills to their creepy dance routine.


“Dancing With the Stars” performers have fun dancing to “Monster Mash,” a popular Halloween song by Bobby Pickett.


Here’s footage from a Halloween costume dance party at a Fred Astaire Dance Studios location in Southbury, Connecticut.


Take a look at how dancers in Pasadena, California, delight viewers with a performance of Michael Jackson’s eerie “Thriller” tune.


Trick-or-Treat at Fred Astaire Dance Studios

Relive the magic and mystery of your childhood trick-or-treating days by picking out your favorite costume and learning a new skill this Halloween. Find out how Fred Astaire Dance Studios are scaring up fun on the dance floor by calling your local studio.