Yes! Ballroom Dancing Lessons Are a Great Gift for Father’s Day!

Father's Day

Forget the necktie. Forgo the “World’s Greatest Dad” mug. Forsake the specialty grill tools. Fancy footwork is the gift that’s sure to knock your dad’s novelty socks off. Here’s why ballroom dancing is a great gift for Father’s Day.

Americans drop big bucks letting Dad know he’s tops. Last year, the National Retail Federation expected us to set a record, spending more than $14 billion on Father’s Day. The most common purchase? A greeting card. And there are a lot of reasons why ballroom dancing lessons at Fred Astaire Dance Studio are a good gift to tuck into that card!

The reasons are as easy as F-A-T-H-E-R.


F Is for Getting a Foot Up at the Office

Learning to glide across the dance floor translates into learning to glide through problems that pop up at work. That’s what Valeh Nazemoff, author of “The Dance of the Business Mind” asserts. She says that career-minded people should take ballroom dancing classes if they want to get a leg up at the office. She says that dancing teaches you to deal with stressful situations and better handle unexpected issues on-the-fly. She also says it helps you learn to get out of your comfort zone.


A is for Agility

Dancing keeps you nimble on your feet! As you learn that fancy footwork, you stretch and bend, which is good for you, especially if you sit at your desk all day. If you have arthritis, moving helps keep joints from stiffening up and getting sore.


T is for Thinking

Ballroom dancing can keep your brain nimble, just like it does your body. Research shows that dancing can improve memory and even your brain’s processing speed.

Another study, done by the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, showed that in people over 75, dancing reduces the onset of dementia.


H is for Heart Health

Walking is good for your heart. A recent report says dancing is even better. This low-impact way of working out will increase your metabolism, which means you’ll be burning more calories, even when you aren’t on the dance floor. That can help shed unwanted pounds, which is also good for your heart.


E is for Energy

Ballroom dancing is a real workout. Ballroom dancing requires hopping, jumping and even running. That improves your strength and your endurance. Simply put: ballroom dancing is not for wimps! A side effect is sleeping better, improved self-esteem and more energy outside the dance studio!


R is for Reduced Stress

When you hit the dance floor, you leave your everyday problems at the door. That helps alleviate stress (another plus for your heart!). Listening to uplifting music may even decrease the stress hormones that your body produces, while it also boosts your antibodies.

Ballroom dancing isn’t for everyone. But it’s worth a try for the dad who loves fun, wants to learn something new and challenge himself. Find the Fred Astaire Dance Studio near your dad and give him the Father’s Day gift that’s good for him from head to toe.