No Partner, No Problem: 5 Reasons it can make you a better dancer

Are you one of the thousands of people who dream of taking ballroom dance lessons, but you don’t have a partner? Don’t let that stop you! At Fred Astaire Dance Studios you don’t need a REGULAR partner. In fact, you might do better without having one. So don’t let an ambivalent or dis-interested partner stop you from fulfilling your social dancing dreams. The experts at Fred Astaire Dance Studios encourage you to live out your dance dreams no matter what!


If you don’t have a regular partner… don’t worry! You’ll always have someone to dance with. At Fred Astaire Dance Studios we welcome singles and couples. If you come as a single student your dance instructor will be your partner for private lessons. During our group classes and practice sessions you will be rotating partners.


Either way, the philosophy at Fred Astaire Dance Studios is simple and straightforward: learning how to ballroom dance is always fun! If you walk in without a partner there’s no need to be self-conscious. You’ll be made to feel welcome, and before you know it, you’ll be dancing and having fun while you learn.


If you don’t have a regular partner… you might become a better dancer! Ok. So if you have dreams of becoming a professional dancer, then having a regular partner will be a necessity. But here’s the thing — if you have a regular partner that you dance with, you might develop bad habits that accommodate each other, and never even realize it until you dance with someone else.


And dancing with a Fred Astaire Dance Studios instructor is the quickest way to become a better dancer. You will get instant feedback and develop great technique and posture.


If you don’t have a regular partner… you become a better partner! When you are dancing with different partners you develop some different skills. You become a more aware partner… a more responsive leader and a more receptive follower. You learn to notice your partners’ weaknesses and support them. When you don’t have a regular dance partner and instead are dancing with different partners, you’ll need to be a more confident leader and a more trusting follower. And that makes you a better dancer overall.


If you don’t have a regular partner… you can meet new people! What better way to make new friends than through social dancing? You obviously already have something in common — you both enjoy ballroom dancing! When you don’t have a set partner that you strictly dance with, you’re forced to meet new people and interact with them. Before you know it, you are making new friends, enjoying your new hobby and your growing group of friends.


If you don’t have a regular partner… you’ll become a more confident person! When you have a regular partner, you might be tempted to stay closed off… dancing only with the same person over and over. The next thing you know you’re not even socializing with others in the classroom. But if you are dancing with multiple partners, you’ll find yourself putting your best self forward. Smiling at your partner, meeting their gaze, while you stand with your perfect dance form will build your confidence fast. Next thing you know you’ll be doing the same thing in your personal and professional life. Confidence is contagious!


No partner — no problem! From the first time you step inside a Fred Astaire Dance Studios, you will find an atmosphere of kindness, warmth, and inspiration. You’ll find a welcoming community that isn’t about judgment, but is instead, focused on fun and the joy of ballroom dancing.


Don’t have a regular partner? Don’t worry, and don’t let it stop you from pursuing your ballroom dance dreams. Check out your local Fred Astaire Dance Studios to find out more about our introductory offers that’ll have you dancing your dreams in no time.