The Hottest Ballroom Dances of 2015

Dance has never been more popular. With entire shows dedicated to finding the best dancer, and reality shows following them throughout their lives, the public can’t get enough. But it’s not only watching people dance that’s catching on. Learning how to dance is becoming popular as well.

And why shouldn’t it? Being able to dance is a useful life skill. Whether you find yourself at a wedding or in the midst of an unexpected dance party, having a couple moves at your disposal is comforting. No one wants to look silly on the dance floor.

But what types of dance are people interested in learning nowadays? Gaby Jivela and Yuriy Datsyk from theMorristown, NJ and Bonita Springs, FL  Fred Astaire Dance Studios, offered their predictions for which dances will be the most popular for new and continuing students. Unsurprisingly, Latin dances, which are often featured on TV, top the list.

Here are Gaby and Yuriy’s top 5 hottest ballroom dances for 2015.

1. Salsa

Image by David Zepeda via Flickr

Salsa is already extremely popular with beginners, as well as advanced dancers. Because Salsa has something unique to offer each level of dancer, this beautiful dance is a perfect fit for all. It’s already one of the most popular types of dance to find on television, from “Dancing with the Stars” to “America’s Got Talent” and even N.Y. Giants’ wide receiver Victor Cruz’s end zone dance.

2. Swing

Image by Joe Mabel or CC-BY-SA-3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Everything old eventually becomes cool again. Just watch any couple swinging across the room, and you’ll be compelled to learn a couple moves yourself. Swing dancing is high-energy, fast-paced and acrobatic in nature. Learning to swing dance will instantly help you stand out the next time you’re on the dance floor.

3. Tango

Image by Porfitron at en.wikipedia. CC-BY-SA-3.0 or CC BY 2.5 , via Wikimedia Commons

Tango is the perfect mix of classic steps and sensuality. It’s growing in popularity because it often requires partners to hold each other close, swing their hips, and embrace their own chemistry. It’s also simple to get started — a firm embrace between partners, and a couple hip-swinging steps is all you need to begin. A great embodiment of simple to learn, difficult to master.

4. Bachata

Image by David and Paulina. CC BY-SA 2.0,via Wikimedia Commons

You might not know it by name, but you’ve seen it performed your whole life. Bachata is a style of dance which incorporates many of the moves used across other popular Latin dances. It’s growing in popularity, in large part due to its simple premise. The first-time dancer only needs to remember three steps. But advanced dancers can add their own spins, twists and improvisation.

5. Merengue

By Garry Knight CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Merengue is meant to be danced with partners holding each other close. Generally, merengue dancers hold each other at the hip and interlock their other hand. It’s a dance that requires synchronization, timing and trust. The close proximity of the partners is the key reason merengue is surging in popularity.

And there are so many more great dances to learn. The Fred Astaire Dance Studios is a great place to learn these, and many more popular dances. Whether you’re just beginning or have years of experience, our instructors can take you to the next level. And we’re always looking for suggestions. If there’s a type of dance you’re looking to learn, our skilled professionals can teach you the moves. Give us a call today to find out how we can add a little more rhythm to your dance repertoire.