The Swing of Things: A Star-Studded Month In Viral Videos

We’ve seen lots of stars making the news through dance this month — from Taylor Swift to Justin Timberlake, everyone’s been busting a move and having fun with dance! Check out some of the things we’ve gotten excited about:

Marlee Matlin gives shout out to FADS dance partner in NY Post

In an interview with the New York Post about her new Broadway production, Oscar winner Marlee Matlin reminisces about her time on Dancing with the Stars and her partner, Fred Astaire Dance Studios Owner Fabian Sanchez.


Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake dance like single ladies at the US Open

Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake decided to break into dance at the US Open in New York on September 9. The two best friends were caught on camera dancing hilariously to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” — and nailing it!


Taylor Swift shakes it off with her biggest little fan

Taylor Swift met her biggest fan, 7-year-old Dylan Barnes, who gained fame dancing to her song “Shake it Off” in his viral video and then on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” Dylan was gifted tickets to Taylor Swift’s show and got the chance to meet her backstage. Of course, a little spontaneous dancing was inevitable!


“Dancing with the Stars” is back in full swing

“Dancing with the Stars” season 21 premiered September 14, and the competition is getting exciting! It’s looking like former Backstreet Boy Nick Carter is stepping up his game. Check out who the frontrunners are and who is lagging behind.


Awesome mashup of 100 movie dance scenes set to “Uptown Funk” goes viral

If this doesn’t get you in a dancing mood, we don’t know what will! Check out this awesome mashup of 100 movie dance scenes set to “Uptown Funk!” Procrastination warning: Will cause strong desire to watch movie marathons.