The Swing of Things: May 26

10 Secrets You Never Knew About “Dancing With the Stars”
Did you know Tristan McManus and Corky Ballas might be returning to DWTS? Or that Vincent Pastore from the “Sopranos” had to drop out of the show due to heart issues? How about the fact that executive producer Rob Wade’s all-time favorite dance was the “Carlton?” Read about these little-known secrets from the best dancing show on television.

People Danced in Front of a Massive Galaxy S6 for Eight Hours
In celebration of the newest Samsung Galaxy S6, a 16-foot screen was built in the center of a Zurich train station, which is already cool enough. But what makes it even better is that Swiss musical artist Seven participated in improv dance contests with random onlookers as they walked through the station. Check out the complete video below. 

Early Morning Dance Parties on the Rise in San Francisco
Forget the espresso, try a shot of dance. Party-lovers and dance club aficionados are trading in their late nights for early mornings, as sunrise dance parties grow in popularity in the San Francisco area. Instead of dancing into the wee hours of the morning, these dancers are waking up early and shaking what they got before their day starts.

Still dancing at 92
Age is just a number; just ask 92 year old Edith Schultz. She’s been dancing for 88 years and has enjoyed every minute. So, what’s her secret to a long, happy life? “You need patience, endurance. You can do everything if you put your will and heart to it.”

On stage, stars of “Dirty Dancing” rely on body language
One of the most iconic dance movies of all time is making its way to the stage. “Dirty Dancing,” the musical, is currently traveling the country, delighting dance-loving audiences. You already know the songs, the dance moves and nearly every line to the movie, so if the show comes to your town, buy a ticket!