What Should I Wear on a Dance Date?

Dancing is a great way to spice things up on date night, but knowing what to wear can be challenging. Here are some tips to get the night started off on the right foot:

#1 – Be comfortable

You have to be comfortable! When gliding around on the dance floor with your partner, you don’t want to be inhibited by restrictive clothing. Clothing that is tight, stiff, itchy, or generally uncomfortable should be left for the dinner date. You may be taking large steps forward and backward, spinning, turning, raising your arms up and behind you, so wear something that is rather flexible.

Ladies: Beware the short skirts, mini-dresses, strappy and strapless tops. Short skirts and dresses tend to ride up and can be uncomfortable, and strappy or strapless tops are a lot to manage when you’re trying to keep pace with your partner. A top that is form-fitting, yet flexible, paired with a longer flowing skirt is always a good choice. Some ladies even prefer to wear dance shorts under their dresses.

Men: A shirt and nice pants are always a safe bet, just make sure you can move well in them.


The shoe you wear can make or break your dance date. You will be taking quick steps across the floor so wear shoes you can move in! Athletic shoes can grip the floor and cause a twisted ankle, and a loose shoe may fly off and trip you or your partner.

Ladies: Lower, closed-toe heels with ankle straps are recommended. High heels may throw off your balance, open-toe shoes may cause some serious blisters, and stilettos may be dangerous for your partner’s feet.

Men: Stick with nice dress shoes that are easy to move in and don’t have rubber soles. Clunky or rubber soled shows may catch the floor and trip up your moves.

#3 Accessories

When it comes to accessorizing for your dance date, keep it small and simple. Don’t wear anything that may scratch, get caught on, or get caught by your partner.

Ladies: Rings and bracelets may cut or scratch your partner, and earrings and necklaces can cause disasters, so keep it to a minimum.

Men: Be aware of any necklaces, rings or watches that may get caught in your partner’s hair, or dress, or that could cause cuts. Less is more.

#4 Personal Hygiene

One of the perks of a dance date is that you will be in each other’s personal space,  learning how to move together in close proximity. It is important to be considerate of your partner and maintain personal hygiene. Deodorant and antiperspirant cannot be too greatly stressed here. A light cologne is also appropriate but make sure it is not too strong or overpowering. Mints are also great to have on hand. If you are heading out to dinner after, bring a toiletry bag with deodorant, cologne, a towel, and even toothpaste and a toothbrush to freshen up with.  If you typically perspire a great deal, bring an extra shirt or outfit to change into. A light cologne is also appropriate but make sure it is not too strong or overpowering. Mints are also great to have on hand.

Got other questions? Ask a professional at your local Fred Astaire Dance Studio today!