Ballroom Dance 101: What Dances Do I Need to Master?

Don’t be afraid to kick up your heels! Learning how to ballroom dance is not nearly as frightening or intimidating as it may appear. Start your ballroom dancing journey by mastering a few types of dances to help make you the life of the party.   Instructors at Fred Astaire Dance Studios teach people of… Read More

Freshen Up Dance Moves for Wedding Reception

As wedding season rolls around, instructors at Fred Astaire Dance Studios can help couples create memories on the dance floor by preparing for their wedding reception. The average couple spends six hours per week planning their wedding. In between picking out flowers, making seating charts, and planning the menu, it is important for couples to… Read More

Are You Ready to Compete in Dance?

Fred Astaire Dance Studios helps dancers turn their passion for ballroom dancing into an adventure to compete in dance.   Most students at Fred Astaire Dance Studios start taking ballroom dancing lessons to learn a new hobby or to spend more quality time with their spouses. Others are in it to win it. After spending… Read More

Fuel Up to Improve Your Dance Moves

Eating right can help you make the most of your ballroom dancing lesson at Fred Astaire Dance Studios as you improve your dance moves!   Ballroom dancing is a fun way to stay active and trim your waistline. Thirty minutes on the dance floor can burn at least 200 calories. That’s more than 30 minutes… Read More