Are You Ready to Compete in Dance?

Compete in dance

Fred Astaire Dance Studios helps dancers turn their passion for ballroom dancing into an adventure to compete in dance.


Most students at Fred Astaire Dance Studios start taking ballroom dancing lessons to learn a new hobby or to spend more quality time with their spouses. Others are in it to win it. After spending time learning new moves, some students get a taste for competition. They enjoy taking center stage and putting their hard work in the spotlight. Our branded regional, national, and international dance competitions give you the opportunity to compete, travel, and hone your dancing skills in supportive and exciting environments. If you are considering taking your passion for ballroom dance to the competitive circuit, we have some answers to the common questions people ask before signing up for their first competition.


Do I have what it takes? Practice makes perfect. Our certified dance instructors will help you get ready for your competition by teaching you the moves you need to score top marks. The Fred Astaire Dance Studios curriculum covers the full range of American, Latin-American, and International Style ballroom dances.


Will I be able to handle the pressure? Competitive dancing may be stressful. Opening yourself up to criticism is a valuable learning tool. Dancing in front of judges puts your talent on display and improves your dancing skills.


What if I make a mistake? If you are afraid of getting stage fright and making a mistake, you are not alone. Even if you log all the practice hours and feel prepared, mistakes happen. Most competitors do not deliver a flawless performance every time they hit the dance floor. If you make a mistake, shake it off and keep dancing. Judges will be impressed by your confidence.


Take a look at these clips of couples performing at various Fred Astaire dance competitions across the United States.


In this clip, dancers perform a variety of Latin dances at the Fred Astaire World Championships in 2021 held in Las Vegas. The first dance they perform is the cha-cha.


At the Fred Astaire National Dance Championship in 2020, performers showcased their swing skills on the dance floor.


Dancers at a variety of skill levels and ages competed by dancing the rhumba at the New England Fred Astaire Regional Competition last year.


Learn to Dance At FADS
The instructors at Fred Astaire Dance Studios offer lessons for people at all stages of their ballroom dancing journey. We offer group and private lessons where you can learn to cha-cha, salsa, and swing. Ballroom dancing can help you burn calories, increase flexibility, and improve muscle strength.


Whether you enjoy the rush from competing, or want the first dance at your wedding to leave an impression, call your local Fred Astaire Dance Studios location to schedule a lesson.