Paralympic medalist wows crowd with ballroom dancing performance

Cheryl Angelelli is not a woman who is short on accomplishments. She is a decorated swimmer and Paralympic medalist, a seven-time world champion, holds two world records and 15 American records and has even wheeled across the Great Wall of China. But recently she took on a new challenge at the Fred Astaire Dance Studio… Read More

14 Reasons Why Dance Lessons Make the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

Need a Valentine’s Day gift idea? Break from the same old routine and get on the ballroom dance floor! To all the men out there still searching for Valentine’s Day gift ideas, read on. Don’t wait until the last minute like last year, and the year before. You’ve already done the whole candy and flowers… Read More

Holiday Gift Guide: 7 People We Can Help With This Year

There’s no denying that finding the perfect holiday gifts can be tough! From picky friends to in-laws with unique tastes, sometimes your list feels like one giant question mark. Rather than giving up and buying another generic tie or heaven-forbid a fruit cake, give your friends and loved ones a unique gift that might just… Read More

Why Dancing is Great for Self-Confidence

If you’ve ever seen a dance competition or even an episode of “Dancing With The Stars,” the graceful and confident way the dancers glide across the floor probably had you hooked. If you’re like most people, the thought “Wow! I wish I could carry myself like that!” may have even crossed your mind! Well, are… Read More