Do Men Take Dance Lessons? (Plus, How to Get Them Interested!)

It’s a typical party scene: A group of women kicking up their heels on the dance floor, while husbands and dates look on from their seats or the bar. We’ve heard every excuse in the book for avoiding the dance floor, so now it’s time to put the “I can’t dance” excuse to rest with… Read More

Three Easy Ways to Improve Your Dancing

Ask any dancer out there what makes them successful and they will tell you the old saying: practice, practice practice. Whether they’re a ballroom dancer, a ballerina or a breaking out hip-hop dance moves, they all know that what you do when you’re outside the studio is just as important as what you learn inside… Read More

How can I convince my husband to dance with me?

Owners, instructors and dancers at Fred Astaire Dance Studios hear women agonize over this predicament all the time. They want to dance, but more than that, they want to dance with their husbands. Unfortunately, their husbands would rather do just about anything other than spend their evening on the dance floor. These women either head… Read More

Will Dance Lessons Interfere With My Busy Schedule?

Busy. The word seems to be the theme of our lives these days, doesn’t it? Whether you’re running the kids to practice, working toward a deadline or even packing up for summer vacation, life seems to be busy all the time! Well, in the midst of that busy schedule, it’s important to take a break… Read More