Beat April Showers With an Indoor Workout

Group of people dancing as an indoor workout

The best way to beat dreary April showers and weatherproof your workout is to pick an indoor option to get your physique ready for swimsuit season.


Melting snow and buds on trees signal the beginning of warmer weather. Before we can enjoy the beautiful flowers and spring temperatures, we must endure a month of rainstorms. As the saying goes, April showers bring May flowers. Last year in April it rained nearly 2.5 inches in the contiguous United States, according to the National Centers for Environmental Information. In many states, April also marks the beginning of allergy season. If pesky pollen is making you sneeze or dyeing your shoes yellow, it may be time to head inside for your workout.


Fred Astaire Dance Studios offers an indoor workout that is social and fun. Learning ballroom dance is great for your cardiovascular health. The low-impact workout burns calories, improves muscle strength, and increases flexibility. Fred Astaire Dance Studios offers group and individual dance lessons at its studios. The dance studio franchisor also offers an Online Lesson Platform that allows you to stream a dance lesson to your living room.


For many people, rain can put a damper on your outdoor workout in April. Running and walking in the rain can make you work out harder, according to a Japanese study published in the International Journal of Sports Medicine. The seven male participants in the study worked out in a variety of different conditions, and all burned more calories when they worked out in the rain. While trainers recommend not letting a drizzle stop you from getting in a workout, rain can be a safety hazard for outdoor fitness enthusiasts. If you do decide to head outside for a workout in April, be on alert. Visibility diminishes in the rain, so it is important to wear reflective gear if you are exercising near a road. If you run, you’ll need shoes with the right amount of traction to prevent injury.


The dancers in these television shows and movies didn’t let rain showers stop them from moving to the beat of the music.


On “America’s Got Talent,” a popular variety show, two dancers dance during a simulated rainstorm. The dancers look like they are performing during a downpour by using rain and light streak illusion technology.


In the closing dance number of “Step Up 2,” the characters perform intricate dance moves during a rainstorm. The dancers are competing in Baltimore, Maryland’s underground dance scene.


No compilation of rainy-day dancing would be complete without Gene Kelly’s iconic scene from the aptly named movie “Dancin’ in the Rain.” In the 1950s film, Kelly’s character sings and dances to celebrate his joy after sharing a kiss with Kathy, who was played by Debbie Reynolds.


If a rainy day makes you hide under the covers instead of rising early for your regular morning exercise, make sure to schedule some indoor workouts this month to help you stay the course. Keep your workout streak alive during the rainy month of April by contacting your local Fred Astaire Dance Studios and scheduling a lesson in our climate-controlled studios.