Celebrate Men’s Health Month by Turning Up the Music

Dad dancing for mens health

Turn up the music and treat the man in your life to dance lessons to kick start Men’s Health Month.


Men’s Health Month is celebrated every June and was started to help raise awareness of men’s health issues. Its mission is to educate men on preventable health issues and encourage early detection and treatment of diseases many men face. Women tend to live longer than men by approximately five years, according to Harvard Health. Men are more susceptible to heart disease, and because more men smoke, they are more likely to develop lung cancer and emphysema. Men are also more likely to develop high blood pressure before the age of 55. Research indicates men generally take more risks than women and have more dangerous jobs. Men are also less likely to seek medical attention and pursue preventative care. Men’s Health Month focuses on education and outreach activities to encourage men to take charge of their physical and mental health. Throughout the month, people will be wearing blue to promote men’s health and wellness.


Fred Astaire Dance Studios is encouraging men to get their hearts pumping this month by taking some dance lessons. Dancing is a great workout for people at all ages and stages of their lives. Dancing burns calories and helps boost your metabolism. Thirty minutes of dancing can burn between 200 to 400 calories, which is the same amount as running and cycling. In addition to helping you drop pounds, dancing can increase flexibility and improve muscle strength. As an added bonus, it’s a fun social activity and serves as a great date option for spouses to spend time together.


Each Fred Astaire Dance Studios offers group and private lessons to teach you the time-honored tradition of ballroom dancing. Our instructors will have you performing the waltz, swing, and tango in no time. The chain of dance studios also offers an Online Lesson Platform in case the man in your life is nervous practicing for a crowd. The Online Lesson Platform allows you to unlock a library of dance lessons or live-stream a dance lesson at home. All of the online lessons are taught by our certified instructors and International Dance Council members.


Most Fred Astaire locations offer a new student special to get you started on your dancing journey. Our unique teaching method helps you learn and retain more, regardless of your age, dancing skill, or physical abilities.


If the special man in your life needs some inspiration to attend his first lesson, check out these heartwarming clips of some dads who aren’t afraid to bust a move.


This 14-year-old boy was diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia at the beginning of the pandemic. Visitation restrictions only allowed one parent or caregiver to visit. The boy’s father stands outside the hospital and dances to lift his son’s spirits. Here are some of this dad’s best moves.


This dad and daughter duo show off their skills by dancing together to help provide a break from remote learning and teleworking during the pandemic.


Since June is also a popular month for brides, take a look at this father of the bride who is happy to get the crowd pumped on his daughter’s big day.


Help raise awareness of men’s health and take time to celebrate the special man in your life this month by doling out dance lessons. Contact your local Fred Astaire Dance Studios location to learn more about ballroom dancing.