Create a Memorable Quinceañera

Celebrating a quinceañera is an important milestone for a teenage girl. Fred Astaire Dance Studios has tips for creating a memorable and entertaining occasion.


The Quinceañera Tradition


A quinceañera is the celebration of a girl’s 15th birthday in many Mexican and Latin American cultures. The event highlights a girl’s transition to womanhood and is a treasured occasion focused on family. More than 525,000 quinceañeras are held in the United States each year, costing an average of $21,781, according to a report from Mi Padrino, an event planning company. The festivities begin with a religious ceremony, followed by a grand party with food, dancing, and traditional rituals. At many quinceañeras, a girl changes from flat shoes to high heels as a symbolic gesture of leaving her childhood behind. Similar to a wedding reception, most quinceañeras include a court of fellow teens, elaborate toasts, and the cutting of a fancy cake.


Fred Astaire Helps Create Memorable Moments


One of the highlights of celebrating a quinceañera is a choreographed dance number performed by the star of the show and members of her court. Dance lessons at Fred Astaire Dance Studios can help give teens the confidence they need to perform in front of a crowd. Not only does ballroom dancing build confidence, but it improves physical fitness and helps boost mental health. A quinceañera is an important occasion, and it’s natural for girls to feel jittery and stressed leading up to their big day. Taking time out to attend a dance lesson will give them the mental health break they need to enjoy this important time in their lives.


Our dance instructors can help girls learn the basics of ballroom dancing, so they feel comfortable on the dance floor. They can help choreograph a special routine for celebrating a quinceañera. We pride ourselves in teaching students how to dance, not simply one routine. In a short amount of time, our qualified professionals can teach your daughter’s court a few basic steps and choreograph a performance to impress guests. We offer everything from basic instruction to video-worthy full-blown choreographed performances. Learning to dance will make your daughter’s quinceañera special and give her a hobby that will last a lifetime.


Choreography Highlights Celebration


Take a look at some of these choreographed routines that impressed crowds at other quinceañeras.


In this clip, the damas, or maids of honor, and the celebrant perform a wholesome choreographed routine to get the party started.

Take a look at these four couples having fun performing a partner dance routine. The engaging routine impressed crowds at the big event.

Check out the dance number at this fairytale-inspired quinceañera celebration. It reveals how simple choreography and practice can highlight the occasion and put the star at center stage.


Build Confidence at FADS


A quinceañera is an exciting time in a teenager’s life, but the buildup to the big day can be intense. Give your daughter the gift of dance to help her gain the confidence she needs to enjoy celebrating a quinceañera. To learn more about our dance lessons, contact your local Fred Astaire Dance Studios to schedule a consultation.