Dancing Helps Improve Productivity

Ballroom dance improves productivity

If you’re finding it hard to muster the willpower to dial-in to a conference call or respond to an email, it may be time to add ballroom dance lessons to your weekly calendar. Research reveals ballroom dancing improves productivity at work. 



American Workers are Coping with Burnout in Record Numbers


Nearly three out of five American workers are dealing with the negative effects of work-related stress, according to a study from the American Psychological Association. Workplace stress is taking a toll on focus, energy, effort, and on-the-job interest. Burnout and a growing disconnect between employees and management is leading many people in America to practice “quiet quitting.” It’s the new corporate buzzword describing when a worker takes care of their responsibilities but does not put in any extra effort or enthusiasm. Lack of upward mobility, stagnant pay, and loss of job security is creating an apathetic work environment. At least 50% of American workers are not engaged at the office, a Gallup poll revealed. 


Fred Astaire Helps Productivity


Fred Astaire Dance Studios believes ballroom dancing improves productivity and is a balm for people who lack motivation and direction at work. It can help improve your job performance and reduce work-related stress. Numerous medical studies prove ballroom dancing can enhance brain function and enhance the ability to learn new skills. Dancing increases confidence, improves focus, and helps unleash creativity. Stepping out of your comfort zone and learning ballroom dance will have a positive impact at the office and in your personal relationships by improving your mental health and increasing energy levels. 


Not only is ballroom dancing good for the mind, body, and spirit, but it’s fun! Our dance instructors teach people how to cha-cha, swing, and jive in a positive and supportive atmosphere. We offer group and private ballroom dance classes at our local studios for singles and couples. Each of our studios hosts practice parties to allow students to perfect their moves in a social setting. 


In addition to helping improve productivity and boost your mental health, ballroom dancing is a low-impact workout that will burn calories and help you lose weight. Ballroom dancing builds muscle strength, improves endurance, and increases flexibility. 


Dancing Reduces Stress, Improves Morale 


Take a look at how these employees used dancing to boost morale and burn off some steam at work. 


Front-line healthcare workers were stretched to the limit following the pandemic outbreak. In this clip, a group of healthcare workers at Boston Medical Center held a dance party to celebrate the arrival of the first doses of the COVID vaccine. 



To tout the opening of its new office, Trade Desk UK hired Club Mob to pose as security guards and put on a high-energy dance performance for employees. Club Mob specializes in providing dance choreography for surprise events. 



Take a look at this school resource officer’s creative way of saying goodbye to his students on his last day. 



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