Dancing On the Playing Field

Fred Astaire Dance Studios recommends taking a break from news about current events and contentious political issues by spending time watching athletes celebrate victories and achievements by dancing on the playing field.

Our 24-hour news feed allows us to connect with people from around the world. It enables us to stay abreast of current events, learn about a wide variety of cultures, and stay close to family. Yet, doom scrolling is taking a toll on the mental health of many Americans. In 2021, Americans spent an average of 4.1 hours on their mobile devices per day, devoting much of their screen time to social media. Seven out of every 10 minutes people spent on their phones last year was on social media. Having news at our fingertips can make us more aware of world events, but it can take a toll on mental well-being. Medical experts reveal excessive smartphone use can contribute to depression, anxiety, and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Whether it’s gathering together with friends to tailgate before the big game, spending a Sunday afternoon at home watching football with family, or tuning in to see the pros land birdies on the golf course, professional sports offer a respite for many Americans. Professional athletes let the good times roll by dancing on the playing field to celebrate successful plays and game wins. These clips are guaranteed to make you smile.

Take a look at how these Clemson University football players and coaches celebrated a big win in their locker room with a dance party.

Victory celebrations are not limited to football. The Carolina Hurricanes, an NHL hockey team from Raleigh, North Carolina, started offering its version of a celebration dance during a recent playoff run. The controversial move caused a variety of negative responses from hockey broadcasters, but it was a hit with fans. While their hockey gear made it difficult to get too groovy, they got creative during their celebrations. Here’s an example of one victory celebration that included reenacting a scene from a popular Marvel movie, “Thor.”

Players aren’t the only ones dancing at sporting events. Cameras often catch eager fans getting groovy. Check out these spirited fans in action.

Ballroom Dancing Relieves Stress
Fred Astaire Dance Studios urges people to shelve their mobile phones and take a page from the sports playbook by dancing. Tripping the light fantastic at one of our local studios can play a significant role in improving mental health and well-being. Dancing is a proven method for helping alleviate stress and elevate mood. A ballroom dance lesson provides a carefree respite from the daily grind. Our local dance studios are a fun, social place to learn a new hobby and de-stress.

Our dance instructors teach people at all ages and stages of their lives how to foxtrot, swing and salsa. We offer group and private lessons, as well as an Online Lesson Platform if you prefer streaming a dance lesson to your living room.

Learn to Dance at FADS
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