Discover Confidence by Ballroom Dancing 

Overcome insecurities and boost confidence by learning how to ballroom dance at Fred Astaire Dance Studios. 


Is your glass half empty? Do you blame yourself when things go wrong or find yourself apologizing unnecessarily? Do you have a hard time rocking the boat? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s likely your self-esteem could use an upgrade.  


Confidence is fostered during childhood by parents and influenced by academic success and social experiences. Bouts of low self-esteem and self-doubt are common. At some point during their lives, nearly 85% of the world’s population suffers from low self-esteem, according to Psychology Today 


Low self-esteem can have tragic consequences. Suicide is the second leading cause of death for teenagers in the United States. Teens with low self-esteem are also more likely to participate in unhealthy habits such as smoking or drinking and other risky behaviors. Low self-esteem may also lead to the development of eating disorders. Lack of confidence is not only harmful during the teen years. Adults with low self-esteem often suffer from anxiety and depression and self-medicate with alcohol or drugs, according to WebMD. 


Build Confidence at FADS 


Learning how to ballroom dance can boost your confidence one spin at a time. Mastering the tango, waltz, and swing will give you purpose, help improve physical fitness, and provide a lifelong hobby you can enjoy. Becoming a star on the dance floor will give you the confidence you need to stop holding up the wall at parties and shine in the spotlight instead. 


Fred Astaire Dance Studios offers group and private dance lessons for couples and singles at its local studios. We teach ballroom dancing in a fun, social environment, and our dance instructors are trained to put you at ease. Our Trophy System offers an easy way to stay motivated and track your progress as you learn. We start by teaching basic steps and move on to help you hold your own in the social dance scene. 


Check out these stories of people who gained confidence by cutting a rug. 


Leaders of the Dancing Classrooms program travel to schools and community-based organizations to teach ballroom dance lessons to children. The program is designed to help kids build confidence and learn life skills on the dance floor. In this clip, a fifth-grade class in Ohio practices some new moves around the classroom. 


A wheelchair dance team in Los Angeles helps women with disabilities gain confidence. Dubbed “The Rollettes,” the team has performed at NBA games and competed in the International Cheer Union World Championships. 


Ethan Levy began offering Dork Dancing sessions during COVID lockdowns when he lived in Vietnam. His grassroots effort strives to help improve mental health and bolster confidence by encouraging people to experience the joy of movement. Now that he has moved back to the United States, Levy hosts regular Dork Dancing sessions in the Denver, Colorado area. 

Extra Steps to Boost Confidence 


Dancing is just one of the steps people can take to raise their confidence. Here are a few extra tips to boost your self-esteem. 


  • Try something new. Low self-esteem likely causes you to avoid getting out of your comfort zone. Successfully tackling a new hobby will give you confidence and pride. 


  • Identify your positive traits. If you are feeling down, put pen to paper and make a list of your positive traits to improve your internal dialogue.  


  • Just say no. People with low self-esteem are hesitant to stand up for themselves and be assertive. If you already have too much on your plate, it’s okay to decline. Passing up a new project or volunteer opportunity can lower your stress levels. 


  • Foster positive relationships. Surround yourself with people who are positive and supportive, and spend less time with people who sap your energy or like to complain. Enjoying the company of people who are kind and love life will elevate your spirits and improve your confidence.
  • Focus on your physical health. Exercise is one of the best ways to improve your mental well-being. The endorphins released during exercise are an all-natural antidepressant. Achieving fitness goals is a healthy way to build confidence.  


Take the First Step 


Give your confidence a boost by booking a dance lesson today. To learn more about our introductory package, or to schedule a lesson, contact your local Fred Astaire Dance Studios location.