Re-energize Your Exercise Routine by Adding Ballroom Dancing

exercise routine with dance

Re-energize your exercise routine to stay the course by scheduling a dance lesson at Fred Astaire Dance Studios.


Now that it’s the end of January, you may find your enthusiasm for achieving your New Year’s resolution to get physically fit is starting to wane. Cold temperatures, shorter days, and boredom can take a toll on even the most enthusiastic fitness buffs. A new study of 180 adults from the United Kingdom revealed 64 percent of people break their New Year’s resolutions within a month. To make matters worse, at least half of the people who participated in the survey made the same resolution as last year. You can end the vicious cycle of resolving to get in shape by re-energizing your exercise routine at the end of January to make it fun and attainable.


If your legs are sore from abuse endured riding your newly minted stationary bike or your muscles are strained from too many squats and pull-ups at the gym, Fred Astaire Dance Studios has another solution. Ballroom dancing offers a low-impact, aerobic workout designed to help you lose weight, increase metabolism, and burn calories. It is proven to strengthen bones, increase flexibility, and lower your risk of both type 2 diabetes and obesity. Most importantly, ballroom dancing is fun!


If you typically sit on the sidelines when people start dancing, Fred Astaire Dance Studios can help you get the courage you need to learn some new skills that are guaranteed to impress. Our instructors have a simple and straightforward teaching philosophy that focuses on fun. They work with students of all ages and stages of their dancing journey and strive to provide an inspirational atmosphere to instill a love of dancing. Our dance instructors are all certified in the Fred Astaire Curriculum, which presents the building blocks of partner dance in the way that people naturally learn. They teach the full range of ballroom dances, including American, Latin, International Style, Ballroom Style, even Exhibition and Theater Arts dances.


If you need some encouragement, check out these movies where the stars learn how to cut a rug.


Who could forget this iconic scene from the original “Footloose.” To prepare for the high school prom, actor Kevin Bacon helps his best friend conquer stage fright and learn how to dance.


In this clip from “Save the Last Dance,” actress Julia Stiles learns some hip-hop dance moves to help spice up a routine she is performing for tryouts at a prestigious dance school.


Take a walk down memory lane as actress Jennifer Grey learns the mambo while on vacation to help actor Patrick Swayze out of a tough spot in the movie “Dirty Dancing.”


Learn to Dance at FADS

Get in the swing of things and schedule your first dance lesson to help keep your New Year’s resolution to improve your health by calling your local Fred Astaire Dance Studios location.