Fred Astaire Dance Studios Rewards Success

Fred Astaire Dance Studios relies on a unique Trophy System to help motivate students and gauge their progress as they master new ballroom dancing techniques.


Setting goals is an important way to stay engaged and enthusiastic when learning any new skill. Fred Astaire Dance Studios ensures its students stay motivated by using a Trophy System as part of its teaching methods. The Trophy System outlines a set of goals for each student and helps create a clear vision and plan for success. The Trophy System also breaks down ballroom dancing into attainable components to make learning manageable. In addition to providing achievable guidelines, the Trophy System continues the FADS tradition of fun. It allows everyone to celebrate an achievement and provides incentive for students to reach new heights.


FADS’ Trophy System helps students learn at their own pace and skill level. Here’s a breakdown of the various different levels of accomplishment.


  • Beginner’s Program. The beginner level is a first step for novice dancers. It includes a package of lessons designed to help students learn the basics of ballroom dancing.


  • Social Foundation Program. Once students learn some basic moves, they graduate to the next level. The Social Foundations Program helps them learn how their body moves across the floor and allows them to master the art of leading and following. Students can choose the dances they focus on as they learn how to have fun on a crowded dance floor.


  • Bronze Program. When students reach the bronze level, they focus on technique, which helps increase self-confidence and allows them to have fun with a variety of partners.


  • Silver Program. The Silver Program is designed for people who want to stand out from the crowd when they are dancing. Participants start to focus on poise and professionalism.


  • Gold Program. At the top of the list, Gold level dancers can be mistaken for a professional. They learn the ability to convey emotion through dance and attain a solid mastery of a wide variety of ballroom dances.


As part of your in-person dance lessons, FADS offers an Online Trophy System through its student portal. The online tool allows students to practice at home with tutorials available at every stage of their ballroom dancing journey.


Ballroom dancing is a fun, social activity designed to help students learn some new moves and improve physical fitness. Having an incentive-based teaching method helps ensure our students stay motivated and achieve their goals. Take a look at these new dancers from some classic films as they begin their dancing journey.


While on vacation with her family at a posh resort, Frances “Baby” Houseman is enlisted to fill in as the dance instructor’s partner for an important event in the classic film, “Dirty Dancing.


Watching Ren McCormack teach his buddy Willard Hewitt how to dance is one of the highlights of the movie, “Footloose.”


Actor Antonio Banderas tries to teach his high school students confidence and integrity through ballroom dancing in the movie, “Take the Lead.”


Learn to Dance at FADS

If you want to master the tango, samba, or swing, a dance instructor at Fred Astaire Dance Studios can help you get motivated to move. Contact your local Fred Astaire Dance Studios location to schedule your first lesson.