Adopt a Healthy Skincare Routine this Winter


While many people focus on skincare during the summer when the sun is shining, forming healthy habits and an exercise routine this winter will recharge your skin and ensure it stays healthy year-round.


More than 9,500 Americans are diagnosed with skin cancer each day, making it the most common form of cancer in the United States, the American Academy of Dermatology Association reported. People exercise to improve cardiovascular fitness, lift weights to improve muscle tone, and stretch to ensure flexibility, but many often neglect the importance of skincare. At the end of the day, many Americans are too tired to wash off their makeup before heading to bed, or they rush out of the house in the morning without applying sunscreen. November marks National Healthy Skin Month, which aims to serve as a reminder for people to pay special attention to the largest organ of their bodies.


While nearly 20 people die from melanoma each day, skin cancer can be stopped in its tracks by taking appropriate preventative care. People can do their part to prevent skin cancer by avoiding tanning booths, applying sunscreen, and limiting prolonged exposure to the sun. Exercise is an excellent way to put some color in your cheeks and liven up your complexion. Here are a few ways exercise can improve your skin.


  • Nourish Skin Cells. Exercise is a great way to nourish your skin from the inside, WebMD Exercising helps increase blood flow and boost the amount of oxygen and nutrients transmitted to skin cells. It also helps remove toxins that can damage your skin.


  • Reduce Stress. High levels of stress can be harmful to your skin. Exercise is a proven stress reducer, and research indicates it can help diminish acne and eczema.


  • Improve Muscle Tone. Wrinkles are a natural part of aging as the skin thins and becomes less elastic. Exercise can help firm up muscles to improve your skin’s overall appearance and potentially keep wrinkles at bay.


Ballroom Dancing Combines Fitness and Fun

Fred Astaire Dance Studios encourages you to take note of National Skincare Month this November by developing a consistent exercise routine in preparation for shorter days and chilly temperatures. Instructors at Fred Astaire Dance Studios can help you liven up your exercise routine and improve the health of your skin despite the cold weather. Our local studios offer group and private lessons in the comfort of our heated studios to teach the time-honored tradition of ballroom dancing. Stay healthy inside and out this winter by learning how to cha-cha, swing and tango by adding regular dance lessons to your to-do list. Ballroom dance lessons are a low-impact workout that can also help you lose weight, increase flexibility, and improve muscle strength.


To celebrate National Skincare Month, Fred Astaire Dance Studios couldn’t resist highlighting some dancers who weren’t afraid to show a little skin during their performances.


In this clip of three female dancers performing on “America’s Got Talent,” the women impress the audience with their dance moves and their revealing costumes.


No one could forget the minimal costumes worn by performers during the “Cell Block Tango” from the movie “Chicago,” starring Catherine Zeta-Jones and Renée Zellweger.


The scantily clad heroine in “Jumanji 2” uses her unique ability to combine dancing and fighting to provide a distraction and defeat the enemy.


Schedule a Dance Lesson

If you are searching for a way to implement healthy skincare habits by adopting a consistent exercise routine, contact your local Fred Astaire Dance Studios location to learn more about our ballroom dance lessons.