Hot Dance Trends for 2021

Fred Astaire Dance Studios is embracing the latest dance trends to help put a smile on the faces of dancers throughout the country as they continue to adjust to the new normal.

The launch of the nation’s vaccination program to inoculate people against the coronavirus has been a beacon of light as the new year dawns and is sparking joy throughout the country. Grateful doctors and staff at a hospital in Israel danced to celebrate receiving their dose of hope as part of the country’s vaccine rollout. While many people are still grappling with political divisiveness, job insecurity and disrupted routines, dancing offers a creative outlet guaranteed to offer a respite from current events. Fred Astaire Dance Studios is proud to highlight trends guaranteed to bolster mental health and ensure physical fitness throughout the country this year.

TikTok Preps for World Domination

TikTok dances continue to garner world attention, especially since families were quarantined at home. The fun, stress reliever is expected to continue to flourish this year. In 2020 TikTok beat out Facebook as the most downloaded app, according to a report by App Annie, a provider of mobile data and analytics. As more celebrities join twitter and social media influencers start to use the platform, TikTok’s popularity is expected to continue to flourish in 2021, predicts Oberelo, an online resource for entrepreneurs. Fred Astaire Dance Studios expects people to continue to embrace the fun break from reality by showcasing their dance skills.

Here’s an entertaining compilation from Savannah LaBrant and her family showcasing their TikTok dance posts.

Dance Workouts Keep People Moving At Home

Elastic waistlines and excessive sourdough bread resulted in many people adding a few extra pounds in 2020. As the new year dawns, adults across the country are resolving to get in shape. Many people are turning to at-home workouts for convenience and safety. Options range from high end, interactive cycles to on demand workouts from popular fitness gurus. Regardless of which workout option people choose, dance is a popular cardio tool for weight loss. Peloton encourages customers to add dance to their workout routine and Beachbody offers an on demand, dance workout. The Online Dance Platform at Fred Astaire Dance Studios provides a streaming platform that teaches traditional ballroom dance and at-home workout to get the heart pumping.

New Season of “Dancing on Ice” Debuts

As snow flurries and fires burn during the chilly winter months, Fred Astaire Dance Studios predicts fans will enjoy tuning in to the tenth season of “Dancing on Ice.” The popular British dance show pairs celebrities with professional ice dancers in a cutthroat competition. The television show had to alter its format and implement training bubbles to comply with safety guidelines, but it is slated to debut this week. American viewers can stream Dancing on Ice on the iTV channel.

Here is a compilation of some of the best “Dancing on Ice” performances over the years.

Dance Video Games Make a Comeback

Children across the country logged on to their video games last year to connect with gaming buddies and to keep occupied at home. Parents are hitting play on dance video games as a way to spend quality time with their children and get in shape. Studies reveal participating in active video games can help improve mobility and balance in older adults. Just Dance 2021 was released for various gaming platforms, such as Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4 and Xbox One in November. The game includes 40 new tracks from popular artists, as well as eight new kid-friendly songs with choreography for a fun, family activity.

Dancing is a universal method of expression and helps couples and families get fit and reduce stress. Contact your local Fred Astaire Dance Studios to find out how you can make dancing a part of your life in 2021.