Keep Love in the Air: Learn a Romantic Ballroom Dance

couple doing a romantic ballroom dance

As the month of love draws to a close, Fred Astaire Dance Studios encourages you to keep the love alive in your relationship all year long by putting romantic ballroom dance lessons on regular date-night rotation.


Most couples take time to celebrate their love for each other every February on Valentine’s Day, but keeping the flame burning year-round can be challenging. Fred Astaire Dance Studios recommends taking time every week to do something as a couple. Whether it’s eating a quiet dinner at a nice restaurant, taking a stroll on Sunday morning, or popping some popcorn and watching a movie on Friday night, taking time to focus on each other can help keep your relationship strong. Couples who spend time dancing together connect and communicate through movement. Dancing allows people to express themselves in tune with the music and can help foster communication among couples who are busy juggling jobs, childcare, and family responsibilities.


How Dancing Helps Relationships


Get physical. Dancing boosts physical fitness. Ballroom dancing is a low-impact exercise that will burn calories, increase metabolism, and get your heart pumping. Couples who exercise together feel more satisfied with their relationships, according to Psychology Today. Spending time ballroom dancing can improve the quality of your romantic relationship, research reveals.


Having a shared goal brings you closer. One way couples can improve their relationship is to share a goal, like learning ballroom dancing. Working to achieve your goal will bring you closer and make spending time together a priority. Plus, spending time practicing romantic dance moves to perfect your skills is a no-brainer.


Improve Emotional Bond. The physical act of ballroom dancing increases endorphins that will boost your mood and help you cast day-to-day worries aside and truly enjoy spending some quality time with your spouse.


Learn a Romantic Ballroom Dance


If you’re ready to start dancing, a good place to begin is with some of the most romantic ballroom dances. Fred Astaire Dance Studios offers group or individual lessons in International or American styles of ballroom dancing, as well as other popular favorites. Here are just a few of the many ballroom dances that will help spark romance in your relationship.


Rhumba. The rhumba has its roots in African and Cuban folk dancing and features a subtle hip movement that mimics traditional slow dancing from your high school days. Dancers keep their torsos erect and take two quick steps to the side, followed by a slow step forward. Check out Derek Hough and Nicole Scherzinger perform a romantic version of the rhumba to “Lady in Red” by Chris de Burgh, from “Dancing With the Stars.”


Tango. The tango hails from the brothels of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and combines moves from the light-spirited flamenco and the sensual style of the milonga. In this clip, from “Scent of a Woman,” actor Al Pacino teaches his co-star Gabrielle Anwar the basics of the tango in this iconic scene.


Waltz. The waltz has a long romantic history in ballrooms worldwide. As part of this dance, couples make rhythmic turns around the dance floor in triple time. In this clip from Disney’s live-action remake of “Cinderella.” The Prince and Cinderella perform a waltz dressed to the nines at the grand ball.


Romance is in the air at Fred Astaire Dance Studios. Adding some romantic ballroom dances to your repertoire is sure to get the sparks flying in your relationship. Contact your local Fred Astaire Dance Studios location to schedule your ballroom dance lesson today, or visit our Online Lesson Platform to stream a dance lesson to our living room.