No Ballroom Dancing Partner, No Problem at FADS

Person practicing with ballroom dancing partner

Do you need a ballroom dancing partner to take dance lessons? Not at Fred Astaire Dance Studios! If you are interested in learning how to cha-cha, samba, and swing, no partner is required.

Ballroom dancing is not a hobby reserved for couples. Fred Astaire Dance Studios offers group and private lessons for anyone who wants to learn the time-honored tradition of ballroom dancing. Our dance lessons are a great activity for a group of girlfriends to enjoy a regularly scheduled ladies’ night out or simply for an individual interested in having fun and improving their physical fitness. In fact, most of our group lessons are made up of a mix of singles and couples.

If you come in as a single student, a dance instructor will be your partner for private lessons. Our group classes and practice sessions will provide plenty of opportunities to dance with other students who have the same interests and goals.


Benefits of Being a Party of One

When it comes to conquering nerves and attending a dance class alone, the benefits abound. Here are just a few reasons to stop being a wallflower and get your toes tapping at one of our local studios.


  • One-on-One Attention. As a single, you will get to work closely with the dance instructor during a lesson, which can help you learn at a faster pace.


  • Avoid Mistakes. Dancing with our highly skilled instructors will help you learn the moves correctly the first time and you won’t be held back by your partner’s beginner mistakes.


  • Multiple Partners. You will also get to dance with a wider variety of people, which can help you learn subtle differences in how people dance to improve your skill.


  • Learn at Your Own Pace. Attending alone will let you move at your own pace and set your own goals. Not having to consult a partner means you get to pick the dances you want to focus on and the amount of time you spend practicing.


If you are reluctant to come to one of our studios alone in-person, Fred Astaire Dance Studios offers an Online Lesson Platform. The online platform offers hundreds of online lessons from our certified instructors and Dance Council members. While in-person instruction remains one of the most efficient methods for learning ballroom dance, our online platform allows you to choose from a variety of streaming and recorded lessons from the comfort of your living room that will feel just like your own private lesson in one of our local studios.


Take a look at these celebrities performing solo numbers from some classic movies.


Check out John Travolta performing some iconic moves in the timeless classic “Saturday Night Fever.”


In the film “Singin in the Rain,” everyone is familiar with Gene Kelly’s performance on the streets of New York during a rainstorm. But, a slapstick performance by Donald O’Connor earlier in the film to “Make ‘Em Laugh,” offers an impressive vaudeville dance number.


Actor Tom Cruise showed off some impressive moves in “Risky Business,” one of his early films. The character busts a move while his parents are out of town.


Don’t let being single stop you from learning to ballroom dance. To learn more about dance lessons without a ballroom dancing partner at Fred Astaire Dance Studios, contact your local studio today.