Overcoming Shyness on the Dance Floor

If you get butterflies every time you attend a social event where dancing is involved, you are not alone.

Chorophobia is an intense fear of dancing. The word is derived from the Greek word “choro,” which means “to dance.” People with chorophobia are extremely uncomfortable on the dance floor, avoid social situations with dancing, and some are even unable to watch people dance, according to Healthtopia, an online medical resource. Chorophobia is treated by cognitive behavioral therapy and may even require medication. The good news is that many people feel shy on the dance floor, and most people do not suffer from a true dance phobia. Instead, they suffer from social anxiety that can be overcome with practice and perseverance.

If you feel nervous tripping the light fantastic, Fred Astaire Dance Studios has some tips for overcoming your anxiety and letting yourself enjoy getting groovy.

Watch Dancers in Action. Whether you log on to YouTube to watch dance performances or sit on the sidelines at a dance club, take some time to observe other people dancing. Everyone has their own unique style and skill. Watching other people dance can help you overcome shyness as you test out your own moves.

Take Your Friends Dancing. Your friends provide an essential support network on a regular basis. They are there for you during tough times and do their best to add humor and fun to everyday life. One way to gain confidence on the dance floor is to surround yourself with your friends who will give you the courage you need to have fun dancing.

Eliminate the Excuses. Did you ever hear someone use the expression, “born with two left feet” or describe themselves as lacking rhythm? Using these expressions as a crutch perpetuates fear and prevents people from giving dancing a try. Fred Astaire Dance Studios believes anyone can dance, they just need the right teacher. Practice and effort can help you improve your rhythm and give you the skills you need to impress your dance partner.

Take a Dance Lesson. The best way to overcome shyness on the dance floor is to take a few dance lessons to gain confidence in your skills. Fred Astaire Dance Studios offers private and group lessons at local studios across the country. Whether you’re interested in wedding dance lessons, a new hobby, or a way to connect with your partner, Fred Astaire Dance Studios is here to help you learn the moves you need to start dancing.

Watch Anonymous Dancers on a Hit TV Show

A popular television show allows celebrity dancers to combat shyness by performing while covered from head-to-toe in elaborate costumes and face masks, leaving audiences to guess their identities. “The Masked Singer” is hosted by comedian Craig Robinson and features celebrity panelists like Ken Jeong, Paula Abdul, Brian Austin Green, and Ashley Tisdale. Being anonymous provides the dancers with the self-confidence they need to perform their best during the competition.

Check out these clips from some of the most memorable performances on “The Masked Singer.”

In this footage, a dancer dressed up like an exotic bird performs to “Con Calma” by Katy Perry and Daddy Yankee. The show revealed the dancer as Jordin Sparks, a popular performer on “American Idol.”

Check out the big reveal of a beloved dancer on “The Masked Singer.” The Monster was able to fool all of the judges during the first season. T-Pain is a Grammy award-winning rapper, songwriter, and producer.

In this clip, country sensation LeAnn Rimes gives her vocals a workout after she unmasks her Sun persona. Check out her performance of “The Story” by Brandi Carlile.

If you are ready to overcome your fear of dancing and enjoy a night out with your friends, or impress relatives at the next family wedding, contact Fred Astaire Dance Studios to schedule a lesson at your local studio. If learning to dance from home sounds appealing, Fred Astaire Dance Studios also offers live-streaming lessons through its Online Lesson Platform.