This Season’s Best Ballroom Gear

As the holiday season approaches, you might want to think about presents for the ballroom dancer in your life. The holidays are a great time to show them you love them, and dancers can be really easy to impress with some new piece of gear they wouldn’t have bought for themselves. With that in mind, here are five of our favorite pieces of dance gear.

Yamuna Foot Waker

This device is among the best for stretching the plantar fascia in the soles of the feet, which can be effective preventive care or rehabilitative exercise for injuries like plantar fasciitis. It does this by digging into the deep muscles in the soles of the feet to loosen them, which is extremely difficult to do through normal stretching. The tool comes with a video on how to use it properly to address different needs and sensitivities. Nearly 200 positive reviews on Amazon can’t be wrong!

I-FLEX Stretch Unit

The price on this has come down considerably since it first debuted in the dancing world, which is great news for your dancer! This fully portable unit can be used on just about any door or wall, and it can take you gently and easily through stretches that might be more difficult on the ground. This can make it easier to reach flexibility goals and stick with a regimen that will get your dancer where they want to be!

Hanging Cosmetic Bag

These bags are life-saving! They can hold toiletries, makeup, jewelry and more, and they can keep your things tidy while you use them to prepare for competition. By eliminating the step of unpacking all of your toiletries and makeup, you can keep your counter space neat, and ensure that you don’t accidentally drop something behind a counter or forget to re-pack all of your things. Your dancer would never buy this kind of thing for themselves, but the convenience and ease of using this bag will make it so they can’t go back!

Crystal Rhinestone Bra Straps

Dancers can’t always wear the underwear that would be best for their competition dress, but these straps will open up a world of options for dancers who want or need to wear a specific bra to be comfortable. Substitute bra straps are the best way to disguise otherwise unsightly or embarrassing straps. This will help your dancer stay comfortable and supported while she tears up the competition floor!

DHA Tanning Powder

This is so useful for dancers, because a powder and lotion formula helps to reduce transfer of the self-tanner from the body to other objects. This means fewer to no streaks, no staining and a flawless tan every time. This can improve confidence and magnetism on the dance floor. And as we all know, when a dancer feels confident, it really shows!

With the hard work our dancers put in, we want them to know they’re loved every holiday season. This dance gear is just the thing to make their training and competitions that much easier. And if what your dancer really needs is more practice time and instruction, get them lessons at Fred Astaire Dance Studios! Find your local studio today!