Spice Up Travel Plans with Dance

travel plans for dancing

Fred Astaire Dance Studios recommends taking your ballroom dance skills on the road by making travel plans that allow you to showcase your talent.


Uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 led 48 percent of Americans to cancel travel plans last summer, according to a survey of 1,200 people conducted by Value Penguin, a division of Lending Tree. It also temporarily shuttered many businesses, required students to learn from home, and many people worked remotely. Following the outbreak of the pandemic, Fred Astaire Dance Studios launched an Online Lesson Platform, allowing Americans to learn a new skill while they followed stay-at-home orders and opted for staycations to help flatten the curve. The Online Lesson Platform continues to offer live-streaming dance lessons, as well as hundreds of online dance lessons from certified Fred Astaire Dance Studios instructors and Dance Council members.


Learning to dance does not only happen inside a Fred Astaire Dance Studios location or in front of your television at home. The purpose of your lessons is to give you the skills to practice dancing in a real-world setting — whether it’s at a wedding, on a date, or on vacation. One in four Americans are planning a celebratory trip when the pandemic wanes. As Americans start to book vacations, Fred Astaire Dance Studios recommends combining your passion for ballroom dancing with a love of travel by booking a trip that celebrates dance.


Your travel agent can help you plan a dance-themed trip that will allow you to explore the culture, cuisine, and history of your vacation destination and have fun dancing. Here are some of the top destinations for people who love to dance.


Tango in Argentina. The tango was born in the working-class districts of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and the capital city remains a popular vacation destination for dancers. Tourists can explore the rich history of the tango by visiting a local dance hall, attending a dinner show, and shopping for the perfect dance shoes. The city’s long history and high-class cuisine will make it a memorable destination. Take a look at these dancers performing the tango on the streets in Buenos Aires.


Salsa in Cuba. The music of the salsa, which got its start in Cuba, combines elements of Spanish guitar and African vocals, and the dance is sensuous and passionate. Dancers hold their upper bodies still and follow a three-step pattern featuring a kick, turn, or tap of their feet. In addition to partaking in a Cuban cigar and taking a classic car ride, visitors to Cuba can enjoy the beautiful beaches and spend a night out in Havana dancing the salsa. This clip shows some dancers doing the salsa at Baila en Cuba, an annual dance festival that attracts salsa dancers from around the world.


Waltz in Austria. While the waltz has its origins among peasants in Germany during the 13th century, the version we recognize today hails from Vienna, Austria. The freeform, twirling dance was a departure from dances typically performed at court. Most dances were procession-based and had complicated moves and timing. The twirls and face-to-face position of dancers during the waltz caused quite a scandal at ballrooms worldwide, sending the popularity of the new dance soaring. If you hit the right season on your visit to Vienna, you can dress to the nines and attend a traditional Viennese ball during your vacation. The European city features more than 450 balls during ball season, which starts in mid-November each year. Learn more about waltzing at a ball in Vienna here:


Fit Dance Into Any Vacation

If you already made travel plans, don’t despair. It’s easy to incorporate dancing on any vacation. Here are a few easy ways to trip the light fantastic while traveling.


Take a fitness class. Many resorts offer fitness classes that include dancing as an option. Dancing helps burn calories, increase flexibility, and improve muscle strength. It’s also a fun way to work off the calories consumed by splurging on chocolate lava cake or frozen cocktails during your trip.


Visit a nightclub. Being on vacation means you don’t need to set the alarm when you get home, leaving you free to dance the night away. Most large cities and many cruise ships have a plethora of nightclubs and dance halls offering a wide variety of musical styles for all tastes.


Pick the right restaurant. Many restaurants feature a dance floor and live band to keep guests occupied while they are waiting for their food. In addition to having a chance to practice some dance moves, these restaurants typically have a romantic vibe your spouse will appreciate.


Get Ready for Vacation at FADS

Make sure you are ready for your dance vacation by brushing up on your moves at one of the Fred Astaire Dance Studios locations. Click here to find your local studio and schedule a lesson today.