The Swing of Things: Saying Goodbye to Winter

daning helps hospital workers

The beauty of that first snowfall is starting to fade and many people are eager for those first signs of spring. From the last freezing night to the first blooming buds, many people are ready to put their coats back in storage and spend some time outdoors. The Winter Olympics are one of the last signs of the season and you can bet there was plenty of dancing around both on the ice… and off.


Soohorang Steals the Show in Pyeongchang

If you watched any of the Olympic coverage it was hard to miss the official mascot, Soohorang. The white tiger was selected by a contest and is closely related to Korean mythology. It is a symbol of trust, strength, and protection… and is apparently pretty good at dancing as well, as the video shows.

Ice Dancing Duo Capture Olympic Sized Attention

Canada’s ice skating duo Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir set a world-best combined score of 206.07 after winning a gold medal in Olympic ice dancing. The two heated up the ice at the figure skating gala, which is a non-competitive performance at the end of the games.

From the Olympics to the Small Screen

The big news at the end of season 25 of “Dancing With the Stars” was the announcement that all of the participants for the upcoming season would be from the world of sports. Take a look at this article from Entertainment Weekly and find out which Olympic standouts have their eyes set of the Mirrorball Trophy.


Cave Dance to Celebrate Spring

In many cultures, the coming of spring is celebrated with song and dance. In southwest China’s Guizhou Province, tens of thousands of people from the Miao ethnic group gathered to “dance in a cave”. It is their way to commemorate their ancestors and to celebrate the coming of spring.