The Swing of Things: A New Season of Dance

daning helps hospital workers

Are you ready for a new season of dance?

The calendar says fall, but our TV’s say DANCE! Making moves and busting grooves are all over our screens — from our televisions to our theaters, and even our computers. From “Dancing With the Stars” to a dancing dentist, it’s time to get into The Swing of Things!


“Dancing With the Stars” Cast Reveal

A mix of young stars, athletes, and some familiar faces from television “back in the day” make up the lineup for this season of “Dancing With the Stars.” Can you believe this is the 27th season for the competitive dance show? One of the most interesting things to look forward to this season doesn’t even involve the “stars”; it involves the professionals they’re paired up with. Jenna Johnson and Val Chmerkovskiy will face off for the first time as fiancées. The two announced their engagement back in June.


A Dance Message of Love and Hope

Season 2 of NBC’s “World of Dance” came to an end with some pretty impressive moves and a powerful message from “The Lab,” the ultimate winners. There wasn’t much ballroom to see, but jaw-dropping moves and thoughtful choreography made for a fantastic performance nonetheless. The group’s routine about small acts of kindness earned them the million-dollar prize. The 15-person dance group of is made up of dancers aged 8 to 16.

A Movie Star is Born in “A Star is Born”

The Oscar buzz is building around the latest remake of “A Star is Born.” The movie was the fan favorite at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival. Actor Bradley Cooper not only stars in this re-telling of the story of a star on the rise and another on the fall, but the movie is also Cooper’s directorial debut. The star being born here is his co-star, singer Lady Gaga, who is no stranger to pop stardom, but Oscar talk is another thing.


Dancing Dentist Lights Up Laptops

Internet dance challenges are all the rage these days and the hottest this summer was Drake’s “In My Feelings” challenge. So, what’s a grooving dentist to do to make his patients smile? Of course, he’s going to take part! Dr. Rich Constantine of Greenville, South Carolina, shot to internet fame with his take on the challenge, which he calls “In My Fillings”! Dr. Constantine says he can’t believe the video took off the way it did. He said he just wanted to do something to make his patients smile.


Want to put a smile on your face without the internet fame? Just walk into a Fred Astaire Dance Studios and you’ll be moving and grooving in no time.